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GDT - Devils @ Panthers 12/21/22 7:00pm TNT


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Thank god…losing streak is broken.

fvck off Tkachuk you fvcking c***

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2 hours ago, ajsgolf said:

I find myself not even getting upset anymore.  This franchise has become comical, as much as I hate gretzky he may have been onto something.  They don’t even know what they’re doing on the ice.  For them it’s like an ice skating session, nothing more.  No idea how they’ll win another game, it’s just funny to watch.

Do you see how incredibly dumb you look when you post sh!t like this? 

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1 minute ago, MadDog2020 said:

fvck you Tkachuk. Eat sh!t you loser

Real brave going after Nico one more time with two refs holding him.  I hope that guy’s missing teeth next time he faces us.  fvck that guy.

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As much as I dislike Severson, I like how he stood up for Hischier there and gave sh!t to some of the Fla players.

Just now, MB3 said:

the game was stolen by mackenzie blackwood

tkachuk needs a suspension.

He does this all the time with no repercussion, it’s a joke.

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