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Reverse Retros vs. the Rangers?!!!


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One theory here would be that during our win streak that the boys sort of started getting away with some of the little things and got bad habits. And it's been catching up.

Of course that reporter asked a dumb question to Jack. And while i loved Jack's answer and that it was hilarious.

But based on that answer, if we overanalyze it. There's an argument to be made that maybe they got a little too cocky and took things for granted not seeing the need to keep working as hard as they were on the small details to be more consistent etc etc

I could be completely wrong here, but this is a pretty mild take compared to things we see here at times 

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17 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Is Bratt alive? For a guy who wants to get paid like 8 million a year would be nice if he stepped up during a game like this. 

Every time someone seems to call Bratt out he seems to do something. 

Let's try it again. 

1 goal on 7 shots!?! What the fvck is that you floppy haired Swedish asshat!!

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Way to go Jack.  Raising the bar every game. C'mon team, help this man out and get a W in regulation!  

3 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

i'm still holding on to my hope that Mercer does something special tonight

I was going to call him with the game winner but he's just been so inconsistent that I feel like it's much more likely that Nico gets it. 

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Some kudos, at least they made it a game.  Didn’t think that was happening today.

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1 minute ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

Some kudos, at least they made it a game.  Didn’t think that was happening today.

That's why other than making silly jokes here and there i try to never start sh!tting on the team too much mid game cause they've shown very often to be able to turn it around and as much as the losses as been frustrating, they are overwhelmly all pretty close losses by a goal (when it's not its usually because of empty netters)

And as much as i know that anything we say on here has absolutely no impact on the game. As a fan, (as the 6th player as they say) i personally feel my (specifically not saying "our" cause then i'll be bombarded by people telling me that im telling them how to fan lol) role as a fan is to support and encourage when the team needs it. 

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