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The Unintended GDT Thread (1/14/23) Devs @ Kings 10:30 PM EST MSGSN


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1 minute ago, SterioDesign said:

we're witnessing an historical moment guys. Haula scored a goal


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another theory.

You know that game where you spin on a baseball bat and then have to like... go through obstacles or something.

Haula did make a spin before taking that shot.

It's possible that he misses all the time cause he's just "off" but the fact that he just did a spin kind of made him dizzy and it made him shoot straight?

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If I ever ran a youth hockey clinic and the Devils said “We’d love to send a couple of our players for your kids to meet…how about Miles Wood and Brendan Smith?”

I’d respectfully decline.  


Thank you for that Miles.  fvcking moron.

Edited by Colorado Rockies 1976
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33 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

im chatting with my LA fans pals. And they were talking about LA taking bad penalties.

And i said that we also took bad penalties and that Smith and Wood still didn't get one and that's it a given...

moments later...

And the prophecy has been fulfilled.

And of course we're now tied.

fvcking dumbass penalties. STOPP

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