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The Unintended GDT (1/19) Devils @ Kraken 10:00 PM EST MSGSN


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2 minutes ago, MB3 said:

jesper bratt let’s his defenseman skate in and have fun. absolutely embarrassing effort. bench his fvcking ass.

I really hope Fitz holds the line in negotiations with him.   Regardless of inflation, time contract was signed, etc. he belongs nowhere near Jack and below Nico.   

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2 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

that sucks for Blackwood. clearly stood on his head all night and then this where he couldnt do anything.

He's had a strong game. I keep my expectations pretty low when it comes to Blackwood, but he was solid in his last game and he has had decent rebound control and making saves tonight. 

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Just now, MB3 said:

sharangovich isn’t going to last very long in this league if he turns in games like this with regularity. his inability to even get the puck deep is alarming. absolutely zero effort

I don’t think his lack of effort is standing out tonight as compared to the rest of the team. 

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Nico, Hughes, Palat or Mercer need to tie this thing up. One of the stars needs to do it. Haula alert got his miracle, and we got a goal from a defender tonight too. Wood/McLeod/Bastian/Tatar aren't likely to do it, and Boqvist and Sharangovich are pretty much invisible, so it's gotta be one of the big 4. 

Let's go boys.

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Just now, mfitz804 said:

I’m hesitant to even pull the goalie because they seem to be exiting the zone pretty much at will. 

It’s felt like 6-on-5 most of the night.  They’ve just seemed to be everywhere.

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