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Timo’s a Devil!! 13 pieces in Trade!

Colorado Rockies 1976

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Is waiting for a player to wake up to alert him about being traded a common reason to delay releasing trade info? I'm not sure I've heard of this before. I only ask because I initially didn't think Mukhamadullin would be traded, not even because Fitz sees him as untouchable, but because I didn't believe him to have significant trade value. I suppose Gritsyuk could be an option too. And if @Guadanawas working for SJ, you could almost guarantee Meier for Bardakov straight up.

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Just now, Crisis said:

Disappointed it's Zetterlund.  I really liked him. 

So did I, but they had to send someone back. If Fitz got this done without giving up Mercer, Luke, Nemec, Muk, Holtz, or Casey I don’t think we can really complain. 

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Just now, Fansinz88 said:

I’m allowed to write  my thoughts without being told to stop or they are wrong by you.

Would “please stop” have worked better for you? I swear, some of you are so damn negative idk how you get through the day. 

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