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GDT: Devils @ Habs - 11 Mar - 7pm - MSG


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1 minute ago, StarDew said:

I listen to radio. Don't know abt free streams. I just wanted to know what Nico did. Thnx 😀

I'm not sure what NJD1214 is referring to specifically, but he blocked a shot in the last minute of the game or so and he wasn't skating well while the team was celebrating the win on the ice after the game was over. 

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1 hour ago, Rob_Ottawa said:

Mercer really stood out to me, really used his size to make space tonight 

Mercer was great yet again, but his size? Kid is 6 ft 180 (soaking wet). You’re really weird with your perception of this stuff. :P

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Watched this one while consuming large amounts of booze, so the details are a tad hazy…but at least they won.  As much as I’d like to see Jack snap out of this “Something seems off” funk, gotta love that the team is banking plenty of points regardless.

Four road regulation losses all season…that is just fvcking nuts.

Happy for Schmid.  And sorry Mac…it’s over for you here.  

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2 minutes ago, devlman said:

Schmid is playing so well that he may be our game 1 starter the way the goalie play is going.

If the playoffs started tomorrow I don’t see how you couldn’t roll with him. 

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