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GDT devils@islanders 7:30pm msgsn

pumpkin cutter

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I give Ol’ Yeller the starts against the Blackhawks and the BJs.  VV gets the rest…well depending upon what the Devils might still be playing for after the game against the Bruins.

L G M F D!!!

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7 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Ffs this probably means we get Blackwood in net on Thursday unless he stubs his toe before then

That CANNOT happen.  Part of the reason that I think that Ol' Yeller will get 4/1 @ Blackhawks and 4/6 vs the Blue Jackets (other than the obvious, both teams being lousy) is that VV gets some extra rest as a result, assuming VV gets the games listed below:

3/27 @ Islanders

3/30 vs Rangers

4/2 @ Jets

4/4 @ Penguins

4/8 @ Bruins

4/11 vs Sabres

So basically two days off for VV between the Isles and Rangers, and Rangers and Jets.  Then a nice 3-day breather after the Penguins, before facing the Bruins on the road...then two days off after the Bruins to face the Sabres at home.

Give the Caps game (4/13, last of the season) to Schmid if at all possible.  And then hopefully the plan is to roll with VV and Schmid come playoff time.  

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15 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

Palat has 6 points in his last 20 games.

Boqvist has 7 points in his last 20 games. 

Ruff does 11/7 again and healthy scratches Boqvist. Make it make sense. We aren't gonna roll 11/7 in the playoffs so wtf do it with barely any games left. 

I never understand why anyone would ever do 11/7

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