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GDT: Game 2 - Rangers @ Devils - 20 Apr - 730p - TBS/MSG


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2 minutes ago, NJDfan1711 said:

It's not that. We're a better team than the Rangers on paper and even on the ice - we proved it this year and in the season series.  Right now they are doing a fantastic job taking away our space and not letting our speed affect them. We need to adjust.

In other words, they are better 

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How many times are we gonna leave kreider uncontested infront of out net, it's the only way this rat scores.

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Just now, Devil Dan 56 said:

HOW?!? How does this doofus keep parading Graves out there to not cover Kreider?!? Don’t even wait for the end of the series. Stage a mutiny and carry Ruff out between periods. 

It’s amateur hour coaching. Completely. The Rags are not this much better than us. 

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1 minute ago, slasher72 said:

Coaching staff has no brains. Team has no heart. GM has no balls.

Bullsh!t on the heart and balls. Did you even watch them at all this season. They never give up. 

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