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GDT: Game 2 - Rangers @ Devils - 20 Apr - 730p - TBS/MSG


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2 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

What was Schmid’s?

And as I type this VV let’s in another one…

Schmid didn’t play nearly as much as VV.  You know this.  He’s also not going to be over .900 every single game.  .925 over 11 games is plenty good.

That being said, yeah, I go with Schmid next game. 


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2 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

Who wants to pay Jesper Bratt a penny more than the 5.45 per season he’s making right now?   His best parts of this series have been when he’s been absolutely invisible 

I definitely want Timo if it’s one or the other. 

2 minutes ago, smelly said:

He has sucked these two games. Completely. 

So has the whole team. Can’t sit your best players. 

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Just now, Devils01 said:

Pathetic how many rangers fans are in our building after first playoff appearance in 4 years

This surprises you? The team did nothing to prevent it. There are ways to make tickets available. The Devils wanted the money. They got it.

Just now, Devil Dan 56 said:

So does Kreider get his 3rd goal in the first or second minute of this penalty kill?

I want Kreider waking up in traction tomorrow morning.

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