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GDT: Game 5 - Do or Die - 11 May @ 1900


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3 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

Oh no.  My Dad is texting me that Jack is not taking line rushes and may be out.   Has this been confirmed?  

That's what Erika said on the pregame show, nothing confirmed on whether he's actually in or out though yet. 


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8 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

Final opportunity for Bratt to show he's worth big bucks

And be immediately backs off on the forecheck, doesn't even make contact after chasing down the puck.

Soft, soft. Soft.

Just now, Lateralous said:

Nice challenge for the puck there Bratt.   What a puss.  

We are on the same wavelength today lol.

If this was the regular season I'd bench him to make a point.

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1 minute ago, Satans Hockey said:

I hate this stupid siren sh!t on a "neutral" preshow 

Spit my spritzer allover screen. Haha Channels/announcers are biased but this year overly blatant. 

2 minutes ago, mackchi said:

I’m watching game with sound turned off

I always do and I listen to Matt and Chico.

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