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In Search Of NJD Talking Points

Capt Kirk Muller

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Hello,  Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with a couple very old friends for a discussion and experimental podcast which focuses mostly on football and baseball.  My friends are both Islander fans and while it hasn't been planned for, I have a feeling they will hit me up for a perspective on the Devils.

I have been a fan since the late 80's, but over the last decade or so, I have not kept up with the team like I used to; unlike the majority of the people in this community.  I am working on changing that.  With that said, if anyone feels like illuminating me with their perspective of the team (strengths, weaknesses, long-term outlook) then I would appreciate it.  Nothing major is needed, just some bullet points to guide my way would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts...

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There’s plenty of info in the threads themselves re:  solid points, but here’s some good ones:

With what figures to be a full season of both Timo Meier AND Tyler Toffoli in the Top 6, should the Devils expect to score even more goals than they did last season?

Will Luke Hughes be a fast-track player who can immediately help the Devils, or should expectations be tempered?

Does Simon Nemec have a real shot of making the Devils out of preseason?

Will Fitz need to upgrade his goaltending by the time the trade deadline arrives?

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