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2023 Training Camp thread


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I love summer and all of the activities and fun that come with it.

That being said, I'm more than ready for fall and Devils hockey.  Glad it's finally within sight!

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Not sure if anyone’s been watching these games, but outside of Nemec, the rest of the kids have been largely meh (outside of some moments here and there)…can’t say that I’m concerned for the most part.  Buffalo had a hell of a lot of first-rounders in the lineup…when you see some of the names that dressed for the Devils, it was hard to expect them to beat the Sabres.

The Stillman pick is looking really bad…unlike Nemec, who absolutely looks like he’s got the goods, it’s just really hard to see what Stillman’s gonna bring.  Fingers crossed.

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2 hours ago, moustic said:

I do like what Daniil Misyul is trying to bring... but yeah... that's still waaaay not enough.
Hopefully we will not need some of these kids for a long time... OR that they will improve at some point.

Yeah obviously not much urgency re:  the non-Nemec players currently playing in these games.  Looks like they all need work and that’s to be expected.  Also not like there’s jobs to be won by any of these kids…not by anyone not named Nemec, anyway.

Well, maybe Clarke, but he was a long shot coming in to begin with.

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Clarke is disappointment if anyone had some hopes. Not a driver, not a playmaker, not a forechecker.

Nemec, Vilen and Misyul looked good. Misyul has issues with escaping and transition. Vilen and Nemec looks like nhlers/future nhlers. Forwards are really bad, top four forward prospects are playing in adult leagues, so it’s not like we have a shot against Sabres. Sabres did a great job with forward drafting.

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