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2023-2024 Around The League thread


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1 hour ago, ButlerBulldog said:

Shades of American Pie.

“Oh Perry!”

”Oh Connor’s mom!”

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1 minute ago, Nicomo said:

Not quite a Stifler’s mom situation since Corey Perry is almost 40 himself. Still super awkward though. :lol:

Yeah for sure they’re probably not that far off in age.  And who knows if this is actually true.

Some funny memes though…one being “Apparently when the Blackhawks signed Perry and told him to be a father figure to Bedard, they should have explained a little better…”

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3 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

I liked the one I saw reporting Zach Wilson requested a trade to the Blackhawks. :lol:

Yeah saw that one too…ouch

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Oh man, hard not to think Kakko’s season might not be over.  Nasty-looking injury at the boards…possibly a knee or ankle injury.

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Boston outscored 12-6 in two losses headed into tonight and are now down 4-0 to the Blue Jackets.  Looks like they’re coming back to Earth in a hurry…

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Did some reading, Internet says Bedard's parents have been separated for years. If so, then I fail to see why this matters from the team perspective. Unless Conner complained?

Edit: ya pretty much confirmed by several league sources that the story is bullsh!t

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Just now, Nicomo said:

Sounds like Patrick Kane is signing with Detroit. 

Yep, was just gonna post that.  One-year deal.  

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5 minutes ago, jagknife said:

The Blackhawks just said if you have consensual sex (UNCONFIRMED), your contract is terminated

Rape someone and/or cover it up and you’ll be honored and highly recommended to be a predator elsewhere.

Yeah some might call that...

really bad optics.


Of course, still remains to be seen exactly what Perry was terminated for (if that's ever made public).  

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Red Wings sign old, decrepit man (msn.com)

You may remember Kane from such films as “Looking Totally Cooked With The Rangers Last Spring,” or “Coming Off The Same Surgery That Nicklas Backstrom Just Retired Because Of.” Kane only just came back into the league seven weeks into the season due to having hip-resurfacing surgery over the summer. The history of NHL players who have had that procedure and attempted to come back isn’t exactly glorious. Ed Jovanovsky played 36 games. Ryan Kesler never made it back to the ice. Backstrom played 47 games before leaving the Capitals eight games into this season and likely not coming back. Should Kane make it through the rest of the slate and be productive, well, he’d be the first.

And Kane has been declining for a few years now. The numbers still look good, because then-Hawks coach and world-class clod Jeremy Colliton played him 25 minutes a night to keep him happy. At his peak, Kane was at or over one goal per 60 minutes at even-strength. In ‘20-21 that dropped to 0.71. In ‘21-22 (throw ‘20-21 out for pandemic reasons) that was 0.69. It jumped to 0.94 in two-thirds of a season with the Hawks last year in his bid to get traded, and then plummeted upon arrival in New York to 0.67.

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