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GDT: Washington @ Devils 7:30 PM TNT/MAX


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1 minute ago, StarDew said:

I finally get to watch a game on TV and this is what happens. Could be better off just listening. 😠 

I don't get to watch many either, but we always seem to play poorly when I do, and I'm kind of superstitious so I might change to a stream and watch it on my laptop like I usually do....

Just now, Nicomo said:

Dude is 6”5 how does he not get his pad over there??

If you look at the replay he actually had the pad there, and literally just barely lifted it off the ground and the puck went under.  Crazy.

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1 minute ago, 2ELIAS6 said:

Where are all the people who gave me sh!t when I said the devils were going to have a goaltending issue and needed to try to make a move somewhere? Time to crawl out of your holes now. 

Problem is you never gave a realistic option of what they should do. 

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