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GDT: 12/13 Boston @ Your New Jersey Devils - Can the Devils NOT lose to these friggin' guys?!

Colorado Rockies 1976

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1 hour ago, MrBreeze said:

I have NEVER seen the Devils beat the Bruins or the Capitals live. In NJ, in Boston, or in DC. Since 1982. So I will stay home.




(Oh yeah, go Browns 🏈 )

I'm just the opposite.

I have never seen the Devils lose in person to the Bruins. That includes 2-0 in the playoffs up there in Boston. 9-0 overall. Fvcking weird.

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Yet another game where the other team looks more prepared and ready to go than Lindy’s Devils.  At least no early goals for the Bruins so far…and some nice saves for VV.

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Just now, StarDew said:

How are you folks watching this?

On DirecTV (MSGSN) but the signal has this brutal shudder to it.  

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3 minutes ago, StarDew said:

Sis has msg on direct TV and she said awful so went to tnt.

We live so close I assume blackout on tnt for you too.

The shudder is gone (hallelujah!).

Yeah blacked out on TNT here as well.

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