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Tyler Johnson


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Saw a lot of the guy in Tampa and he was a great player at one time. Not sure how much of that was due to other talent around him, which could be part of the reason he's not having success in chicago, but then you have to figure that he would likely have a lot of talent surrounding him if he came to us, so maybe he would produce. Hard to say. 

If his contract is up this summer, it seems like it's pretty much zero risk to me. Losing McLeod at Center leaves a small void of offense, especially how well he was performing this year (and of course his faceoff prowess) - Johnson might be a good replacement for that, even if temporary. 

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9 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

Every time.

Was thinking exactly the same thing, but sadly in the current market, I can see Henrique fetching more than Fitz will be willing to cough up. 

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The difference is that after the Monahan trade, Henrique probably costs a late 1st after a drawn out negotiation.   With TJ, you’re adding a body for probably not much more that using Hamiltons LTIR space and a late round pick. Also, he does have some chemistry with Palat from the triplets days 

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34 minutes ago, vincois said:

Is everyone trying to talk themselves into trading for T. Johnson? ...................C'mon!   Would've liked S. Monahan, but not for our 1st rounder. And Rico for a 1st rounder? hell no!

Okay, so since you don't want to pay a 1st rounder for a 3rd liner, who do you suggest?   

No one is talking themselves into anything.  I think most of us just feel like this isn't the year to burn assets but we mostly all acknowledge that with the loss of McLeod, we could use another serviceable body up front.     

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36 minutes ago, vincois said:

Is everyone trying to talk themselves into trading for T. Johnson? ...................C'mon!   

No one is remotely excited about a deal like this (should it happen), but McLeod is obviously as done as it gets here, and as much fun as it would be to get Henrique back in the fold, no one is interested in an overpayment, especially since Henrique can walk after this season (which you acknowledge).

Johnson's a guy who can hopefully be a decent 4th-liner while he's here and shouldn't cost very much.  

@Lateralous just said it all perfectly.

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On 2/4/2024 at 1:31 PM, nessus said:

Reunite him with Palat, and then get that third member of the triplets line. His value must be at an all time low after his performance at the all star game...right?

Then we’ll end up with two washed up Tampa bay has beens, palat is enough of a disappointment ( and I like the guy he just hasn’t done anything). 

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