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GDT: 03-01-2024 Devils @ Ducks 10:00 EST MSGSN


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20 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

If they manage to lose this tonight, there's no point.   

They need a goalie in the summer if they don’t do it now.  And it ain’t going to be any cheaper. If Fitz can get his guy at a price he can swallow, he will and should do it now even if this season is lost. 
Would be even more pointless to pass up an acceptable deal now even if they are effectively eliminated. The assets you “keep” will be sold off in July anyway. And probably more of them. 

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8 minutes ago, nmigliore said:

Devils dominated that period yet are down 2-1, somehow. This is why they need a goalie and need to pay up for it, folks. 

Everyone has been so hung up on Lindy, and I’m not here to defend him, but they would comfortably be in a playoff spot with the same coaching staff and roster if Fitz hadn’t fiddled since May while the Devils net burned. 

It’s been so obvious for so long that it has literally become a running joke around the league  

Fitz has no choice now but to pay inflated prices in a sellers’ market. His fault. The issue was as clear as day since they lost to CAR. 

So no one should be surprised when they say goodbye to some combo of Holtz, Casey and Mercer to correct the error of Fitz’s ways. As I’ve reported earlier, they are all in play. 

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Wow Lindy was actually saying something just now.  Usually he’s just staring into space.

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Just now, Nicomo said:

Keep fvcking playing him Lindy 

Why was he still out there taking a defensive shift when we're playing with 9 forwards and Tierney while Lazar is in the box?   Seems like he should have been taking shifts at wing.   

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