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If You Are Still Awake.. Come Chat After Draft


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Hah...well actually guys with PIM do have some use in a roto league (which is part of the reason Colin's my token Devil). But I know what you mean on Roberts :lol: I can't really offer you Shanahan...well I could but then I'd have to get more, not less back. I'd probably do Sullivan but you'd have too many RW and I'd have too many LW.

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I'm currently looking for a better goalie. The current goalies I have are Martin Biron and Steve Shields.

I will shop around proabably Shields with a few Fowards and maybe 1 defenseman for a better goalie and some kind of D-man or Foward.

Possible package:

Steve Shields, Steve Rienprecht, Holstrom, Kasperities


A Blake/Pronger type D-man, and a good goalie (Nabakov, Potvin, Salo) etc.

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Few Questions : how is the scoring done....

and does anyone have some dmen on the market...my "D" Sucks!!!

BTW I'm the Zamboni Warriors

ok well the Scoring is done like this:

There are 20 teams in this league so that means you can get 1-20 pts in every category. Example:

Say my team has the MOST goals I will have 20 pts, but then I had the 10th most assist so that gives me 10 pts, worst PIM I get 1 pt, 15th best +/- I will get 15 pts and so on and so forth.

So you are competing for the top spot in every category, trying to get the most goals, most assist, most PIM, best +/-, most GWG, most PPP, most SOG, most SHG, most Wins, best GA, best SV%, best SHO, best GAA, and most SV.

ANd redrum, I just might be willing to part with one of my D for like Federov or Sakic. I'll propose something to you.

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Just want to clarify 1 thing bevcuase all leagues are different...

Is it Most peanlty minutes is best or least penalty minutes is best???

I'm asking becuase I was in a league 2 years ago the most was best and I was middle of the road, did not even think about checking last year, and I picked up a bunch of bruisers and last year least was best...and i was WORST!!!

so please clarify


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