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How Do You Think You Drafted?

Weekes Head

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Probably the ones that made the live draft did the best. I didn't do too bad considering I missed the first five picks and my defense is mediocre, to be kind (then again I'm not sure anyone actually has a good one) and I don't have a 50-goal scorer...but I think I did okay, especially considering it's a roto league and I have no experience in that.

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Something came up at the last minute and I missed the draft. This was disappointing because I participated in the draft for the league I was in last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

All in all, though, I think I came out with a pretty good team. I've got a solid goalie and a decent backup, and both are sentimental favorites, so I'm happy there. My starting D is excellent; I got my top 3 choices and my fourth was #8. My reserve D is Todd Simpson; I'm still scratching my head over that one.

Offense is, well, kinda like the Devils. ^_^ A bunch of solid, hard-working players but no superstars. I honestly can't say I'm disappointed in any of the choices the auto-draft computer made. I probably would have picked different guys had I been there to do so, but this is a good group from top to bottom.

To tell the truth, I'm a bit surprised I did so well on offense. A bit of background: When I did my pre-draft rankings I went through the list by position, and I did D first, then goalies, and then forwards. I had intended to return at a later date to sort everyone out but was never able to find a block of time long enough to do the job right. Of course, I also intended to be present at the draft to make my selections manually, and that didn't happen either. Because of that, I expected my forwards to be a bit crappy, since most people tend to load up on forwards first.

Of course, this is all based on the draft results. I've already been offered a trade, but I haven't yet decided if I'll accept it.

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I'm just extatic I got the whole Kings first line. Allison-Palffy-Deader. Also I got Gaborik, which after Palffy and Allison, is my best pick. Also 2 other young, developing stars, Briere and Rienprecht.

My defense sucks. I got Kubina, Miller, Stevens, Rathje, and Kasper. I am looking for a Blake/Pronger type D-man. Maybe shopping around Stevens.

My goalies are O.K. Martion Biron had a great season last year, hopefully he'll continue to improve on Buffalo. Shields is a No No. He is going. I am shopping him around, with a package of players, for a Potvin/Nabakove type goalie.

Other then that, I like my team. I got 5 Kings on it, so I'll be happy even if I lose. I picked up Scott Stevens in like the 17th round, I'm surprised noone wanted him.

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I think I drafted well. Obviously, with the format the way it was, I tried to focus on getting my starters in place first. So, I drafted by position.

I was very happy getting Theodore, Kovalev and Lindros the first three rounds. I think I have a balanced D in Ozolinsh, Morris, Svehla and the good Hatcher.

When I look at my wings, it could hinge on youngsters Erik Cole and Scott Hartnell. Both have lots of potential. The only thing I dread is the sophomore jinx with Cole. He will be hunted for sure.

Also couldn't believe I got Comrie.

I have a solid bench. So, if anyone needs to make a deal, I should be able to help.

Red, most PIMs will put you in the lead for that category.

This is just an appetizer for me. I have a big draft coming up on October 5th the weekend before the season begins. Lots of $$$ involved too :)

Good luck to all participants.

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