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PM system screwy

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I'm having a problem with the private messaging system, particularly with drafts. Yesterday I started my submission to Don's '80s music montage and saved it because I wanted to come back to it today. Well, when I went to retrieve it today, there was no text in the message body box. I composed my entry, clicked Send, and got a MySQL error. I went back to the "compose message" screen and the message was gone again, so I rewrote the message, clicked Save, went back into the message, and it was gone *again*. I wrote my guesses one more time, copied it, went to send and got the MySQL error again. That's when I gave up, started a new message and sent it without any difficulty.

Any ideas as to why the board chokes on saved drafts? Also, is anyone else having this problem or am I just cursed? :ph34r:

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Turns out you aren't crazy. If you delete any PM's while having a saved(unsent) message it will delete the body of the message. I am sorry about that, I was going through the bug reports it has been fixed in the just released version of the forums. I will have to upgrade sometime soon.

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