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I'm not sure, exactly. The only thing I can imagine is that people were not visiting during the extended Thanksgiving break and when they all went to work *cough*Sammy*cough* everyone visited at the same time to check out all the latest posts.

:lol: okay, so maybe not, but I don't hear anyone else giving a good hypothesis!

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Well I know that it is around this time of night when you are at work and, coincidentally, it is the exact same time you are most active on the forum :evil:

ergo, it stands to reason that many people are the same way (I am certainly no exception to this rule) and tend to visit here when at work. I just pulled you in as an example, that's all. :D

ANd there is no better example than you! I mean, come on- you're number 2 in the all time top 10 posters page!


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