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Sad news.....


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It's been a day and half since I found out but I was sitting on it.. just cause it took this long to totally absorb and even accept the fact that it happened..... she was only 17 too... it seems so unfair......

I don't think many of you guys out there knew her, but I knew her kinda well over the last few months... and I'm still broken up the news of this. I had become pretty good friends with Hells over the past few months as we'd talk all the time on here (a good bit of that was from the GTA thread), and we became pretty good friends, and I got to know her as well as you can know someone through one of these forums without actually meeting them. And then I got the news yesterday morning. Saw her listed on the on-line list... so I sent her a PM asking where she's been.... and it's how I found out this awful news.. turns out it was her sister going through all her internet stuff to try to tell her friends (of wish I considered myself one) what happened to her...... it's hard enough to type so I will just say what her sister said

She was quite a character and was just getting her life straightened out it seems. She was driving my car at when it must have broken down. She was parked on the side of the highway when the truck hit the back of the car. She had brain damage and was being kept alive by machines, but we decided to turn them off because she had told me once that if anything ever happened to her and there's wasn't a chance to return to normal to just not let her stay alive, we decided to honor her wishes. It all just seems so unfair, she loved her new nephew so much and was planning on going to college and break the mold of this family and she could have done it. I'm sorry this is very surreal to read what I just wrote...

So Claudia I hope somewhere you can see this thread, I wish I had gotten to know you better (though I considered us rather close as is) and I was looking forward to you coming back to NJ for college and I'm going to miss the hell out of you (pardon the pun)... God speed where ever you are now, and I just hope you have a great seat somewhere near me when the Devils win the Cup again... I'll always miss you and think highly of you...at least you'll look good in the great beyond with your Devils jersey... it's so hard to say this to a person who I considered such a dear friend... but good bye, I'll miss you and think of you always ! Hopefully you're in a better place now :pray:

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I'm not one to write condolensces to people who won't read them, but my heart does go out to those that knew Hells.

Kinda makes the rest of what we've been bickering about on here the past few days seem totally insignificant.

BTW - I saw the graphic on her members page. Very well done RD.

Thanks for letting us know Scott.

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