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Danton's Days As A Devil Appear Over

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According to TSN.ca:

Devils looking to deal Danton

tsn.ca Staff


tsn.ca -- It looks like Mike Danton's days as a New Jersey Devil are numbered.

Danton's agent David Frost told TSN that his client met with New Jersey Devils General Manager Lou Lamoriello this morning and was told that he had to pack his belongings to head back to New Jersey. They will attempt to deal him as soon as possible and if they can't find any immediate takers, they will reassign him to another minor league team until the club can work out a deal.

Frost claims that Lamoriello clarified that the situation had nothing to do with any disciplinary reasons, that Lamoriello felt Danton did not fit on his team.

Danton has scored 2 goals in 17 games with the Devils this season.


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What bothers me the most about this announcement is that I know for a fact that Lou's organization did not leak this.

This was Danton's idiot agent still making the wrong career moves for him. Why the hell would you tell the media this? That only makes Danton harder to deal.

I hope that Lou sends him to a minor league team.

The guy will be a 4th line player in the NHL, if he cools off just a little bit. Perhaps Danton's running around in the defensive zone of late has gotten him kicked off the team?

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Dave Roche has never been a player anything like Danton. He has wandered around in the minor leagues, I think he's played for Pittsburgh, the Islanders, and Calgary in his career.

Players like Danton are rare. He can skate and hit, and apparently he has some skills.

He does have no trade value though. He loves seeing his name in headlines, talking to the media, complaining to his coach, and for all of that he's just a 4th line center.. I can't see any team saying they need Danton.. the question is, who would replace him? Craig Darby? This just seems kind of shortsighted, with the information we have now.

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I'm really disappointed that Danton's career ended so abruptly. What's odd is the timing of this move. He just came off a pretty effective game against Detroit where they were going after him.

Obviously, Mr. Danton's attitude didn't help matters and led to his dismissal.

Maybe if he had just shut up and let his play do the talking.

From what I saw, he was a pretty energetic player who agitated and played his role well. That's more than you can say for superstar players such as Elias and Nieuwendyk thus far.

I guess New Jersey decided they'd rather stick a skilled kid like Berglund in the 4th line role.

Just because the guy didn't work out doesn't mean I won't continue to follow his career. I wonder where he'll get traded.

I'll be curious to see what Doc and Chico say about this.

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Wow, even though I'm not a big fan of Danton and am personally glad Lou finally cut the cancer out, I didn't see this coming. Maybe Lou finally got fed up with him after this latest popping off incident and waited for Langer to come back so he didn't leave the team shorthanded until Langer was just about ready to come back and also avoid having to use Darby that much more (obviously Darby's not going to start for us barring further injuries once Langer gets back which is supposedly tomorrow's game)? Or perhaps some OTHER private incident behind the scenes was the straw that finally broke Lou's back? (i.e. similar to the way Lou made Quint dissapear)

If I'm Lou I don't even bother trying to trade him. You can't get jack for him at this point anyway. Just let him and his scum agent rot. Especially since you know he will be out to get us when/if he ever plays on another NHL team again, though Lou will undoubtedly trade him to the West if he does trade him since he exiles everyone else to the West.

It is too bad, he actually could have contributed full-time if he wasn't such a jerk and his agent wasn't even more of a jerk. Maybe one day he'll get that the team doesn't exist just to cater to his whims.

Amazing...the Devils surprise me twice in the same day.

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Danton had a good game against the Wings?

He was noticable, but he could've gotten called for penalties several times and he chased the puck in the defensive zone.

I wouldn't say that TSN is an 100% reliable source, they have reported many things incorrectly over the years.. but since Frost told TSN himself, probably, this one is likely correct.

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