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Avatar problems


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When I'm browsing a thread, sometimes I see my avatar.

Other times I see the magic red X and a box about the size of an avatar.

Other times I just see my name with no avatar.

Do I have something set wrong? Do others see it and it is just my browser?

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Hrmm...lemme go into the CP and see what's up. Can I have a link to the image you want your avatar to be or was it uploaded from your computer?

Uploaded. Because I had this problem a while back with one of the Canadian flags that I put up during international tournaments.... the fellow with the web page nicely took his site down. So I rather upload them than count on someone leaving their page up in perpetuity.

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*sigh* It's bad enought that Bob Goodenow destroyed this years hockey season, but NOW he's going around deleting avatars. Rat bastard. :P

I have thwarted Bob and re-found my avatar over on the Flames board. I shall keep it on my desktop until a settlement is reached.

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Or people sometimes delete the images that are no longer being used because they notice in the site logs the file is being used on other sites without them asking first and it's taking up bandwidth! :rant:

Sorry... had someone steal a ton of Marty Brodeur videos the other day, put the actual videos on a site so when anyone visits their page, every video on Brodeur is downloaded from my site.

:angry: Needless to say, I saw a huge spike in bandwidth.


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