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Past 4 Games

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their families and friends.

My PC was down so I couldn't post that the Devils did very well during the past 4 games.

I think they really passed the test.

1) They won (not really) the Detroit game with Madden's goal, but that's the breaks, he didn't kick the puck, it hit his skate while he was skating forward. Rule says must take positive action to kick puck into goal, he didn't but that's the breaks.

2) Nashville game was OK they won, they should have blown them out but still a win and Schwab get a win.

3) St Louis, Marty had 3 bad periods, everything that was shot at goal went in, but Devils stayed alive and won in OT. Big win for the mental process. Marty was big in OT.

4) Philly just couldn't get it done again. Tight game, Devils win in OT again.

Thats two OT wins.

Danton has been assigned to Albany, so I guess Lou can't find a trade he is happy with at this time. Too bad, why take skating time from Albany players and why have Danton disrupt the Rats which are having enough problems trying to win a couple of games.

I had posted before that the next 15 games would be the test and the first 4 were very important. Devils passed the EARLY test. Big game tonight against Vancouver. Should be a tough one.

Stevens played well during the past 4 games and it seems he acted as a Captain and open his mouth about lack of consistency after the Dallas game. I hope he gets he act going it will be good for the Devils.

Nieder seems to have woke up, I hope for the rest of the season.

Little G, I didn't think he belonged on the Elias line but he is proving me wrong. I still think he is too small to have a major impact in the NHL.

Triumph, you were correct about the past 4 games and I hope about the next 11.

In my opinion these were exciting games the past 4, except the Nashville game. Not the usual boring Devils hockey. Now if Elias and Niewy would get started with the scoring it will be a cake skate.

I can't imagine all the press about the Devils money problems, Lou denys stories, but there is too much being made about it to not be true.

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Danton won't be taking any ice time away from the Rats because he refuses to report to Albany. So, no worry there.

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