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Can This Team Win??

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It's one thing to complain about a team when they're losing, but you guys are tough. You'd think you were Ranger fans :lol:

The talk that goes on on this board is the same as the talk on any forum for any sport anywhere...

Somewhere someone's grieving for Sarah Hughes' recent skating performances. ("Did she put on some weight?" "If only she hadn't two-footed that landing." "Can we trade her to Russia for Slutskaya?")

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Niewy should prolly return to the west. hopefully it wont take too much.

The devils are a decent team overall, but need a coupla spare parts, & we all know what that is. Hopefully elias isn't going anywhere just yet. We dont need a radical change. Maybe burnsy is not the right coach for this group. I'm not calling for his head, but can a system stifel creativity??

yup methinks it could be part of the prob. But, we're not that far off.


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