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Devils Catch A Break


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Modano won't be playing in Saturday's game, good break for Devils.

Devils could win this one against a tough team.

They played well last night, even though it wasn't a blow out. What's with Elias? Nieuwy finally scores, maybe this is the start of something for him, certainly would help trade.

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Modano's out, Dahlen's out (that's 2/3rds of the top line), Muller's out, and I'm not sure about Morrow's status for tomorrow.

But they are soooo deep - Guerin, Lehtinen, Turgeon, Young, Arnott - those are just their best scorers. And like the Devils, they now get scoring from all 3 D lines - Zubov, Boucher & Sydor.

Devils are going to have to play great D tomorrow. And hope Marty Turco's not at his best. One thing in NJ's favor is that they are probably pretty tired - physically and emotionally - after the games with Philly & Detroit (and they play in Carolina on Sunday). It's a tough road trip. Plus the emotional side of this game - moreso for the Dallas guys playing against Joe & Jamie. You just never know what could happen.

I am really, really nervous & excited about this game - can you tell????

GO DEVILS! Go Joe & Jamie!

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Coming out flat in the 1st period against any team is unacceptable but against Dallas the players should be penalized in their pay check if they do come out flat. They will be scared for sure, it's home and they are playing one of the best, but again they are catching them like St. Louis, and Pittsburgh hurting due to injuries.

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I just don't know who to root for, thank god this game happens only once in the regular season.

I know what you mean! I want Jamie and Joe to do well and the Devils to pick a point they really need but the Stars will always been num. one, so I don't know. I will just see what will happen. But I wish they played a few more times this year.

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Arnott will get some love... maybe not much.

I think he'll get a good reception.

The fans on hand at the game are a lot more lenient than we tend to be here. Although that's not exactly right, cause I too would applaud his name in an announcement -- no matter what I think of the end of his tenure with us. But I'm generally like that for past Devils (there are only a handful that I would not applaud and would actually boo.)

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Speaking of Ex-Devils, I was watching the Rangers lose their game last night and in my mind the game went like this

And Bobby Holik gets down low

"cool!... oh yea hes a ranger"

Mike dunham makes the save

"good job...ohh right, ranger"

Malakov clears away the rebound

"goo... damnit"

Gilmour makes a nice pass

"come on! ohh, damnit Canadien"

Mckay is crashing the net

"thatta boy..damnit sigh"

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