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It's not like he had anything else to do after crashing this league like a 12-year-old pilot taking his dad's plane for a joy ride.

Oh, I think Bob Goodenow had something to do with that along the way....

As I have said in other threads, I think since the start of the lockout, Bettman has handled himself with intellegence, class and grace. The only two mistakes he made where being caught by Bob's dirty trick with Gretzky and Lemieux (he admits he should have smelled a rat when Bob had him on the phone and Bob asked him to call back in five minutes to arrange a meeting time/place and having the owners run around promising there would be "hockey of some kind in October", suggesting replacements.

The claims that he was yelling on a cell phone are as unsubstantiated as the agents claims that I posted yesterday.

Refusing to be drawn into a war of insults, making himself available to explain the situation, just the way he has carried himself throughout... I think he's done his job to perfection.

But maybe it is time for him to step down anyway given that he is cleaning up a mess much of his own creation (though he had to idiot-proof this CBA because the owners themselves are idiots; they caused more damage to the league than Bettman did).

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Bob thought he'd convince the players to kill off two seasons. But they were smarter than him and Linden was a good co-captain.

Cujo to rags? Are Weekes days numbered in NY?

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