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Not sure when to ask this


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When does free agency start?

is it the 28th? or is that just the cut off for signing prospects?

Can anybody show me where to find all that such about when RFA's and stuff need to be signed and such forth? Or has it not been made clear yet?

its suppposed to say "where" at the topic

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July 22 Board of Governors Meeting in New York

July 23 Compliance Buy-Out Period Begins

Period to Negotiate and Sign 2003 Draftees Begins

Period to Extend QOs Begins

Period to Negotiate with Own Club's RFAs/UFAs Begins

July 28 Deadline for Exercising Club Options/Player Options for 2005/06

Deadline for Signing 2003 Draftees/Deadline for Making Required BFOs

July 29 Deadline for Initiating Compliance Buy-Outs (5:00 PM Notice)

July 30 2005 Entry Draft

July 31 Deadline for Qualifying Offers

August 1 RFA/UFA Period Begins

August 5 Deadline for Election of Group 5 Free Agency

August 10 Player-Elected Salary Arbitration Notification

August 11 Club-Elected Salary Arbitration Notification

August 12 NHL/NHLPA to Schedule Arbitration Cases

August 15 Qualifying Offers Expire Automatically

August 22 First Day of Salary Arbitration Hearings

September 1 Last Day for Salary Arbitration Hearings

September 2 Last Day for Issuance of Salary Arbitration Awards

September 4 Last Day for Second Buy-Out Period [Only for Clubs with Salary Arbitration Cases] (Latest Day for Clubs Receiving Salary Arbitration Awards on September 2 to Exercise Second Buy-Out Option)

December 1 Signing Deadline for Group 2 Free Agents

Ugh... this is really messy... use the site.

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spectors has aa great summary (by team) rfas/ufa's etc whos under contract & for how much $$$. I wonder if a GM can bring a player to arbitration to lower his salary?

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