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Thought we'd have a thread where posters can name their teams, because I can't for the life of my figure out which poster owns which team.

RD is tori spelling

sammyk is Austin Avengers

redruM is Dynamo Nation

SueNJ97 is Feline Fanatics

devilsrule33 is devilsrule33

Hasan4978 is New Jersey Swamps

Sarge18 is Sarge's Squad

halfsharkalligatorhalfman is halfsharkalligator

MantaRay is Mantarays

Derek21 is AHL Fodder

NJayDevil is Eyeball Tickler

LOTCB is Ruff Edge$


bruins4777 is Lukins

Elias 2662 is Bulgarian Sensations

IAmCanadian27 is The Canadians

Swede is CCCP

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I was gonna ask what was up with you choosing tori spelling.  Now you can't win because Tori Spelling isn't allowed to win anything!

Oh and I'm Austin Avengers.


I ran out of Full House characters in Fantasy Baseball so I figured I'd move on to 90210...if Tori lets me down then it's Luke Perry's turn. He's the man.

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I can figure out most of the rest by looking at the team and manager list, I think:

Ruff Edge$ would be LOTCB

Eyeball Ticklers (yech!) is NJay

Lukins (whatever that is) is bruins4777

The Canadians is IAC

Bulgarian Sensations is Elias2662

Wolverines is DM

CCCP is Swede

Clawed Lemieux is 7

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What was wrong with Jennie Garth!?  Hell, even Gabrielle Carteris would have been better!


Tori was as Blonde as could be, but she had a great rack!!!


Yah one her dad probably gave her on her birthday.

How can anyone say Tori looked better than any of the other female cast members? Unpossible!

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Whatever, and I think I was wrong about the Clawed Lemieux team, THAT's 7. But I'm pretty sure I'm right on the rest at least :lol: Some of the screenames are there, bruins and Elias have the same screenames on Yahoo they do on the board, NJay's obvious cause the league commish gets an asterisk next to their name, Clown's kinda obvious and he has the same e-mail address he's used in other leagues, niedernut wasn't much of a guess considering IAC is in the league :) Oh and I know DM's team cause his e-mail address says it's his team lol, and his team name was also Wolverines last year, or DM's Wolverines, one of the two.

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yep, i'm lukins. watch this is going to be a HUGE HUGE HUGE suprise behind that name...ready....lukin is the name of a pearl jam song :P

I was trying to think of something really inventive....but i really couldn't and i remeberd i made a team in NHL2004 called the lukins, so i was just like, o what the hell.

random fun fact

matt lukin was the name of a member of mudhoney...the song itself is like a minute long and is one bizarre story of eddie just yelling this random thing that has no relation to matt lukin himself, but lukin just sounds so damn cool.

does anybody actually use their yahoo name here? i'm on aim 24/7, i use to use MSN, but i dont think i've been on yahoo once....even though i've had it for at least 2 years.

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