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The Official JHL Draft Order


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Here it is:

#1. New Jersey Swamps

2. Twisted Rags


4. Eyeball Tickler

5. Mantarays

6. halfsharkalligator

7. The Canadians

8. Lukins

9. Bulgarian Sensations

10. Austin Avengers

11. Tori Spelling

12. Wolverines

13. Dynamo Nation

14. Clawed Lemieux

15. Ruff Edges

16. Devilsrule33

17. CCCP

18. Sarge's Squad

19. Feline Fanatics

20. AHL Fodder

Good luck to everyone. This year my friend Jon and I took turns picking from my brand new PSU hat from our apartment. As we drew them I typed them.

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Hahahaha...last :). I love it. That's almost comical. I mean being a Ranger fan and all, I guess it's fitting. I'm actually glad that's where I wound up. Get to pick twice in a row. Makes it easier.

I'm digging the Tori Spelling name RD. Brings back memories.

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Crosby is in the draft.


Maybe you shoulda kept that info to yourself, I know I hadn't noticed :lol: I assumed like Swede did that he wouldn't be in the draft.

Obviously they made an exception for Mr. Crosby because rookies usually aren't included in Yahoo! till they play an NHL game. It'll be interesting to see where he goes in the draft.

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i know, i can wutodraft, i was jsut really looking forward to drafting, and especially since i drew second pick. O well, ill just ve to hope for the best and make some adjustments.

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One Hour Til Draft Time.


I've pre-ranked because I've never done a live draft before. How exactly do we sign on to do the live draft?

I did run the test to make sure I had Java installed and it did work. But I've always done autodrafts before.

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