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Lost Season Two Thread


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Dambn you quoted me before i changed it.. i wrote it to sammy cause 1 page later i thought it was him who asked and you who posted the link.. had it bakwards.. changed it but ya beat me!

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I don't know Portuguese either but it sounded like Spanish but not quite so I figured that's what it was. Then I put my Closed Caption on and it said Speaking in Portuguese.

Why thank you, may I have another?

Seems that site may be fake, registed to someone in Canada. There is already a Widmore.com registered to ABC. Sorry for the false info, I should have read that thread all the way through.

I figured because her dad's face wasn't there -- interesting enough though...I mean is it less valid? Maybe it's someone putting the peices together :noclue:

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So is there any relation to the fact that Henrys fake name is the same as dorothys uncle in the wizard of Oz. Did this come up in the show?

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Im sure it was just his way of picking a fake name.. but then i was trying to think if any others had names also related to the movie.

Guess not... this is what i mean about this show making me more confused.. things just pop in my head and i assume they are linked.

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Well the fake name was actually the name of the guy that crashed in the balloon, wasn't it? Also, Henry Gale is the name of a fairl prominent scientist back in the WW1 times, but was not the same color as the guy who died in the balloon.

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Oh, i thought the guy who crashed had ID and his name was different then the name henry gave which he said ws his wife. I guess i forgot what that whole drama was. I thought it was that he said the person burie was a wife and then it was some man.

I cant remember things passed one episode lol

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ya ..they are very sherlock holmes-esque :)

I guess henry gale was just a name that got pulled out of a hat. At first I was tryig to think..cause in Wizard of Oz her reltives have other parts..so I was thinking..was Uncle Henry also the Wizard? Maybe its like a paly on the fact that Henry Gale is running the show..

But i dont think he was.. i think the wizard was the little psychic guy who had the little carriage.

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i was looking at a board and saw this,....

I didnt even hear knocking before sayid opened the hatch door.

Closed captioning confirms that (a) the bird definitely said "Hurley"; (b) there was knocking from behind the Others' Dharma hatch door; and © the two guys were speaking Portuguese.

And the henry gale thing i didnt find on a board and dont feel like browsing cause id assume if it was brought up it was months ago when we first met him...

but what about this.. i fiound this on a board.

click on the photo to enlarge it...

there are homes in the background.. right nearby.


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I read about the Henry Gale/Oz connection thing from a link posted here a while back actually - just dude in a balloon/Henry Gale not the Wizard but may have still been a hint that he WAS the wizard of Lost I guess.

I thought the knocking on the hatch was the tension music after no one was in there.

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oh wow, didn't think there'd be 3 pages of discussion so far about the finale! I've gotten maybe 100 posts on a LOST board in the past few days obsessing over it, let's see....

that portugese guy at the end was definetly NOT jack (been confirmed)

Still NO idea what that 4 toed foot could possibly represent.

That Widmore guy is probably 'him' that fake Henry Gale referred to. Fake-Henry is almost definetly not 'him', but is probably in charge of the others on the island.

Widmore appeared previously on the pregnancy test, and I heard that it also appeared on the hot air balloon, although I never saw that.

Kelvin/Calvin was the army officer that brought Sayid out into the desert.

Libby's husband was named David, Hurley's imaginary friend was named Dave...both Libby and Hurley were in the psych ward, possible connection there

That's funny, I just saw that picture about half an hour ago. That screenshot is a promotional picture, and not from the actual episode, so i'm sure that is a mistake

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thats dumb of them to post promotional shots taht arent accurate.. especially with a show like this where every little thing is questioned.. damn them all!

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They've done that before with the pictures. I think they showed a road behind the area where the wreckage is with homes or restaurants there. Besides, it's known they are in Hawaii so they probably aren't trying as hard to hide it.

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The men in the monitoring station are speaking Portugese. One of them was not Matthew Fox in disguise.

The Challah is less defined as last year's, causing you to question what you just saw. Purposely without context.

Season three-we will understand the real ramifications of Desmond activating the failsafe and what that did. The central isue of season three will be what did happen. It sounds like Desmond's coming back. They said they want him back, we want to know why he was in prison, we want to know what happened when he turned that key that affected the entire island. That will become very important.

The island was visible but only for an instant. It was also visible for an instant on 9/22/04 when the plane crashed.

The foot statue-represents the history and archeology of the island. Season three will explore what happened on the island before Dharma arrived in the late 70's and who was there.

Season three air schedule: premiering 6 episodes late Sept. to Nov. in a mini season with a mini cliffhanger and then taking a 12 week break and returning in February for 17 straight weeks.

ComicCon July San Diego-Damon and Carlton and various cast members will be there. There will be an announcement about the Hanso Foundation there for the Lost Experience.

The smoke monster will definitely be back in Season three. There are more monster stories that they didn't get to in season two. There is a good chance we saw the monster this year and didn't realize we were looking at it. By the end of next year we will realize what it was and when we saw it.

Why didn't Hurley attack Michael? Legitimate question. The characters had conflicted emotions when they learned what Michael did, but at that time they had no choice but to continue on and defer the emotional reaction to what he did. Character motivation was a casualty of the story that had to be told. Earlier versions dealt with the issue of the team wanting to go back and in the end they had to take it out to keep the story moving forward.

Why did the Others take J/K/S? Where is their home? That will be the story told over the first six episodes. Season 3 will also be about the main characters and their relationships. They want to service the relationships next year more than the mythology.

How Locke got in the wheelchair, how Jack got his tattoos will be revealed in Season three.

Finally, they said that they will have another podcast with an interview with Harold and MDK in 2 weeks and another one in July for ComicCon.

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