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Lost Season Two Thread


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Hey dog, I found a screenshot on the net where there was a modern washer and dryer.  You know those new fancy colored front loading types?  Perhaps there are things from different eras down there from the time they built it until  now?


Exactly!! :evil:

You foudn a screen shot from the show? This is relaly quite the cult isn't it.. I am sure someon has counted all the days gone by slashes on the wall already :wacko: Hmeh.. if I can't pick up on it in one half hearted episode watching then it's just not worth it :lol:

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Ya i was bored last night again... and confused at first as to why Locke was just encountering Desmond when at the end of last week they were already in front of Jack.. we usually back track to pre Crash.. but for some reason they just made this episode bcktrack to a few hour earlier.

I think this should have been the first week.. like a 2 hour premiere.. where we saw all this at the right time

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isnt that a bunk-bed..makes you wonder if someone is down there with him and maybe they have another exit or something...

Ok so i watched the Scenes from the next one so if anyone hasnt watched it and doesnt want to know then dont read below.. im not really saying anything that matters but i just thought it was funny

ok in one of the scenes hurley or whatever the big guys name is walks into the bunker coming after Jack.....my bet is he heard the music and followed cause we all know how it killed him when his CD player batteries died.... dont know why i found it so funny but i did.

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Yes it did. Seems this season will be tons of questions and stuff that makes no sense and it will all be half answered in the last episode. They'd better not skip weeks at a time like last year.

Aren't those candy bars going to melt while being stashed above Kate's ass? :P

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Started reading some of the threads at the links Sammy provided...whoa...those folks are obsessed...they do have some very interesting views...who knew that some of the whispers are sentences in reverse....they even have provided the link to show how if run in media player in reverse Walt did say something....getting very HitchcockKing-ish...did I just type that :blink: Those folks have parsed this tv show every which way but loose...Hinduism/FengSheu/YingYang...whoa...I must stop :argh:

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Last night's ep was better. Nice to see Locke get a little action.

I agree with Jack that nothing would happen if they allowed the timer to run out. In the video they talked about doing all sorts of psychological experiements and I think this was one of them.

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A good epi indeed. So Ana Lucia is with the Others. Interesting.

Where is Desmond running to, it's an island!

Did Jack really hit the button or did it reset on its own? Sayeed is the new MacGyver.

Next week Kate takes a shower. :uni:

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I made observation during the live thread - notice the NHL commercial ? Locke has some issues... but what a bout new violent girl beating up on Sawyer ? Lets see, he got shot at, whacked by 2x4 in the head and suckered punch in the span of 8 hours... that island sucks !!!!! My frieand was saying that once they introduced the "Dharma Orientation" they jumped the shark. Im giving them more rope, I want to know more about the 'others'

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