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Lost Season Two Thread


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oh wow, i cant believe there's a LOST thread here! i just got season 1 dvd set, the 2006 calendar, and the season 1 book. i'm a member over at The Fuselage which are pretty much the biggest Lost boards. i CANNOT WAIT for tomorrow's episode!


Ahoy !

Please use spoiler tags if you have anything juicy - -people really get ticked about that here...

Sammy you have not earned that rank yet - Sub commander for now...

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Wow, a Lost SuperGeek! :o

That's said in a good way!

What's your username on The Fuselage?

Hey you're Member 999...welcome to the board!

Who is 1000?


haha i take that as a compliment! i have the same username over there

I saw that i was member 999, i was going to create another account right away! i should have, haha.

Tonight's lost episode was incredible...please only click on this link if you've seen the episode, its freeze frames of the smoke...prepare to be AMAZED














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Ohh I just got chills....


as soon as i finished the episode, i went back and tried to find stuff...unfortunately i had the show taped on a regular VHS tape, and it was near impossible to see anything while paused and going slow....but i'm download a HD-TV version right now, and i'm going to play it again and see what i can see...but that's still pretty incredible

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My husband thinks the show is lame. Drives me nuts <_< I recorded it but we're getting rid of our cable box tomorrow so so much ..

OMG!!! My Stevens stuff i have recorded... GACK! I have to put it on VHS I guess... well it IS an excuse to watching it all again. I get embarrassed in my own home to replay any Stevens footage... and yet I record it... :noclue: What gives with that. But I digressed into Stevensdom yet again! Heeheehee.

So anyhow I can't wait to watch this tomorrow when the old ball and chain is at work. But I'll probably forget :rolleyes: it seems like such a waste to watch TV while the sun shines.

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My husband said he thinks they are all dead and in Purgatory and their behavior will determine whether they go to Heaven or Hell. They all have inner demons and must face them, everyone has baggage or is running from something in their past. Sort of like in The Sixth Sense or the western Purgatory. Apparently this has been mentioned before?

Last night's was good, though, thankfully compared to the last one before it went on hiatus--that episode sucked.

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That's good to know, I think that would be kinda lame. MD can you link it here? The beginning of the season was slow so now it's picking up.

Where the hell are the threads on that board? Holy cow, too much to sort through. Surprised you guys have no Kate avatars. :P

New episodes of The Shield, too! Awesome already! Think I am still the only one here who watches it. :P

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