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Baseball steroid Policy Improving

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It was a few months ago that Bud Selig proposed the steroid policy of 1st offense 50 games, 2nd 100 games and 3rd a lifetime ban. While I think this is the best idea we have heard so far, the counter offer isnt bad. A first offense lands you 20 games instead of 10 DAYS like it was before, second offense is 75 games, and 3rd is at Selig's discretion, so a player can still be kicked out of baseball after three stirkes. Also, the new policy allows for more testing before and during the season so it will be much harder for players to go around the policy, and lastly the new policy includes more amphetamines and other substances that were before let out. While this policy is by no menas flawless, it is yet another step in the right direction for Major League Baseball, i just hope it works.


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