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GAME THREAD: Penguins @ DEVILS 7:30pm FSNY

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Me again....

so since i didnt see any of you guys.. no one knows that i drank too much on an empty stomach before the game.. i got alittle wacky..and this morning i looked through my camera and i have like a gazillion pics of nothing.. the parking lot..about 10 pics of the clydesdale horses...

my friend says i kept saying i love them and want pitures and she kept telling me i already took like 5 pictures and didnt need more..

but now im sober..and i still think the clydesdales were awesome.. i didnt see them actually pull the big wagon anywhere.. they stayed in the same spot as far as i could tell.. but stilll..cool sh!t.

and i got pics of the Bruce banner for Diablo...probably 20 crappy pics of one banner..haha...

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I though Kozlov played great.


Agreed. I actually thought Koz outplayed Gomer last night.

A couple of quick thoughts after watching the Devs and then a little more hockey at hom on CI:

1. I, as a hockey fan, am not about to give up intensity and hitting for the sake of some fun offensive chances. There better be some physical play as we deeper into the season, or this might as well be roller hockey. Still, you have to like the room they had to operate, and the number of decent chances the teams had 5-on-5...

2. ...when it WAS 5-on-5. Power plays get a tad boring when they take up 3/4s of the game.

3. I hope all the "Marty is overrated" idiots get a gander at that first period someday.

4. Great crowd last night, and not just because I was in 228. The chants were great, good volume...hope it sounds like that in January when the Devs need it.

5. It's pronounced "Mac-Clane," dumbass.


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I mentioned this to dog before but I think it was Doc who made the observation and suddenly the absence of Stevens hit me ~~ he said that Marty and Sarge were the only two left from the 1995 Stanley Cup team.... it made kinda of sad.

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Finally got to see the replay this afternoon and watch the game

(dumb job that makes me work nights) so here's some late thoughts that echo most of you all.

1. Marty is Marty ... he rules. Unbelievable first period. Heck, unbelievable game.

2. Crosby impressed me with his passing; but I'm am soooooo sick of hearing about Crosby, Crosby, Crosby. And that's why I'm sticking to the overrated camp. There are quite a few "good" rookies out there ... Parise, Ovechkin, Michaels ... I'm just sick of Sid the Kid already and I didn't like the protection the officials were giving him. Crosby, not Parise, belonged in the box. And yes I was praying that Crosby wouldn't score against Marty.

3. Parise belongs. Man, both he and Brylin and Gionta are just camping in that crease, wacking away.

3. Sarge has finally found the NHL that he was born to play in. I'm predicting record numbers for him. Same for Little G ... who will no longer be called "little" after this season ... except by the devs fans who have loved him since he stepped on the ice.

4. I thought Malakhov was motivated; had a nice game.

5. Am bothered by McGillis' play at times, but I'm giving him a chance to get used to the new NHL. McGillis is one of those big and slow defensemen who have to really adapt ... but if a dumb penalty by him costs us a game, I'm changing my mind about him.

6. I didn't miss Neidermayer (never thought I would) but I think Rafalski was trying a bit too hard to replace him. When Raffy goes back to being Raffy, he'll be doing everything right.

7. Langs looked off; but I think it was the way the officiating was going ... had some nice chances out there.

8. Mogilny didn't look 100 percent ... but even at not quite 100 percent, he still has to instill fear in the opposition. The man can score from anywhere ... sad he didn't get a goal to tie the nhl record for most goals in an opener ... but man, if he didn't take issue with the refs, Brylin wouldn't have gotten that second goal ...

9. Biggest surprise of the night for me ... White didn't get caught doing anything stupid.

Overall, the Devils looked good and they looked like they were flying at times ....

now are they that good or is Pittsburgh really that bad???? :noclue:

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I can't believe I forgot the game thread!! :doh1: In my defense, I didn't even get on the 'puter yesterday. But now I don't know if I'll be a jinx to them next game if I post! :unsure: God, I hope not!

Awesome game. Marty rules!! Go, go Little G!!! :wub: Sarge! :hail:

Oh yeah, Parise's better! :clap:

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I watched the replay too. I like Langs, but he's gotta pipe down about those two penalties, those were legit as were most of the Devil calls so the one-sidedness wasn't quite as bad as I thought last night although they did still miss some calls on the Pens (like after one Parise penalty Crosby had a clear slash that wasn't called).

Eh what the heck, sometimes we forget the officials are all getting into shape too since they refused to be scabs to their credit.

And yes Chico is a knucklehead with that silly nickname which was so memorable I even forgot it :P The doubtmaker? Something lameass like that, I know it was in another thread. It was definitely nice to watch him, Doc, Stan, Matt and Dano again though heh.

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A play that really bothered me that wasn't a big deal was on one play Mogilny waited at the red line to receive that pass, seemingly to avoid getting called for a 2 line pass when the rule isn't there anymore. He seemed like he had had some of Belfour's cough medicine before the game to me. Actually a lot of the team did, things seemed just a little off most of the night...so I expect more than 5 goals most nights from the team when they play well. B )

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