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  • 4 weeks later...

as i said in my intro:

i followed the sharks around as they played the rags, isles, and devs last season, and though by some cruel twist of fate they lost to all of you puckers, my visit to the rock was the best. best arena, best fans, nicest people. you won me over.

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You always hear about New Yorkers being proud to be from NY and Philly people being proud to be from PA -- well I grew up in New Jersey and always took great pride in being from NJ. ... I still take great pride in it.

I always wanted NJ to have its own pro sports teams. As a child, I even wrote a letter to then-Gov. Brendan Byrne asking him if we could get a NJ baseball team. He wrote me back, saying it would be a great idea. Unfortunately, it never happened.

In 1976, the Giants moved to NJ but didn't take the Jersey name, and that always bothered me A LOT. I rooted for them for a while -- especially when they were coached by Jersey's own Bill Parcells. Popular players like Harry Carson, Phil Simms and all those guys lived in Jersey and could be seen shopping and dining out in NJ. The team definitely had a local flair. Even superstar linebacker Lawrence Taylor owned a popular bar/restaurant on Route 17 in East Rutherford, LT's. But then, after those guys left or retired, the team started to change. And in the year 2000, team management decided to have the team switch back to using the old "ny" helmet logo, and all of a sudden I was fuming mad! To me, it was the ultimate F-U to New Jersey. Little by little, I flat-out stopped caring about them. They obviously did not respect the state of New Jersey, so F them! Same thing when the Jets changed back to their old helmet logo in 1997. If the Jersey name is not good enough for them either, then F them too! That's how much I now despise those teams! ... Sorry, but that is how I feel.

Anyway, when the Nets came back to NJ (from Long Island) in the mid- to late 1970s, I didn't notice it right away because pro basketball wasn't on my radar.

But when the Devils started playing in New Jersey in 1982, I took to them right away! I was a month short of my 14th birthday and had just started getting into watching and playing hockey with my friends. They were all Rangers and Islanders fans. But I didn't feel a connection to those teams. I am Jersey all the way, dammit!

I went to the Devils second home game -- which turned out to be the franchise's first win as a Jersey team -- a 3-2 win over the Rangers, no less! My father dropped me and my friend off at the arena. The game was great! Lots of back and forth cheering between Rangers and Devils fans. But it bugged me that there were so many Rangera fans there. It made me dig down and root for the Devils even harder. For the next few seasons, my father and I went to a bunch of Devils games together. I still have some old programs and yearbooks and stuff.

For a long time, there was always this threat that the Devils would have to move to another state because of low attendance. That always worried me, so I ended up going to a lot more games than I could actually afford. I swear, I must've racked up multiple years worth of credit card debt in my personal effort to save the team!

Fortunately, I don't do that anymore. I only go to the games when I can afford to do so. Actually, now that I have my finances all straightened out, I'm at the point where I can finally afford to buy season tickets -- which I plan to do next season.

Anyway, I love going to Devils games, I love watching them on TV, I love reading about them, etc. I have even gotten my wife into them. She loves them almost as much as I do. We recently had our first child, and I can't wait to bring him to a game!

I used to always tell people that my favorite sport is football, but my favorite sports team is the Devils. I think that I am finally at a place in my life where I can say that my favorite sport now is hockey. The sport is awesome! And the only sports team I care about is the Devils!

Chico Resch, Don Lever, John MacLean, Pat Verbeek, Ken Daneyko, Randy Velischek, Bruce Driver, Chris Terreri, Scott Stevens, Claude Lemieux, Randy McKay, Mike Peluso, Martin Brodeur, Bobby Holik, Bill Guerin, Stephane Richer, Scott Niedermayer, Petr Sykora, Jason Arnott, Patrik Elias, John Madden. ... Some of them have come and gone, but all of those guys and more, at one time or another, have been like family. The kinship I have felt with this team ... it is like that of no other. So proud to be able to say that they all sported the NJ on their chest.

In short, I became a Devils fan way back when ... and I have never looked back!

Go Devils.


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Ok I don't where to started...

Rangers and Ducks have always been big in Brazil, ducks for the movi, and the Rangers I don't know how they got to be kind of Famous in Brazil.

That was the only teams I knowed in Brazil.

Well in 2004 I moved to the US, got used to the culture very quickly, yet never understand the "American sports" Like, football,baseball,basketball ...

Well in 2006 in was working in a Restaurant hurrying up, since a party called that they will come with 1 hour early with 20 more people :argh: :argh:

Luckily I got done setting the Tables up with time spare, So the only thing left to do was filling the "chaffing dishes" with hot water.

I went to the kictchen fill-up the bucket with hot water, As i was going back to the party salon, I slip on a water spot right on the middle of the kitchen.( someone forgot to mop-off the water from defrost chicken boxes).

Unfortunaly i just didn't slip. The slip kind twist my left knee, an to top it off I just on this left knee.

Needless to say I fvcked pretty badly my left knee and I had to go to surgery.

Well what you can do with imobolized left leg( Who had knne surgery knows when, you some surgery on the knee in kind disconect the neres on the legs, so you can't even lift you leg).

Well I became I couch potato for while, first day, I watched the 6 star wars movies, that comcast putted for free on demand, Bought 3 soccer games from my soccer team, them the soccer tournament ended.

I tried to find something else to waste time, one night I found a Rangers game, was on the middle of the game, and I really forced myself to root for the Rangers, not because I had known Rangers in Brazil, but because I always rooted for the team of my region or state. Since at this time I didn't know that New Jersey Had the Devils. I tough: " ok lets root for the Rangers, since NJ doesn't have one, gonna root for the closest one the Rangers"

Well I did tried but was no use I could not bare to watch the gme for more than 10 minutes, I changed the channels thinking: " dude the Rangers are a bunch pussies running arround."

And I tried another time same result" bunch of sissies running around" So just gave up watching hockey streotyping that" hockey is boring, nothing but pussies running arround, wrong sport for me to fallow"

One night I got home from College turn the TV on and there was a Devils game, but at the time didn't notice the name of teams, and since I already ha sterotyped the hoceky as a "boring game for pussies" I quickly typed another channels number, but as the channel was going to change the announcer yelled: "WHAT A AMAZING SAVE BY..."

By this time the channel had Already changed, but that yelled Grab me by the balls And I quickly hit last Channel and saw the Reply.

Was one of those amazing saves made by Brodeur that you can't even descrbed you know, the one that he mixes, Kung-fu, pato-fu,jiuje-tisu,Karate.

I was :blink: :blink: :blink: thinking "that's not boring... not boring at all"

And I fallow the rest of the game, some hard hits on both sides And I thinking" This gmae is not only populet by pussies and sissies like Rangers"

And finally the Devils scored in a awesome Play, and the announcer said " Great play by New Jersey"

I was like : "Dude New Jersey,has a Hoceky team??? And they don't run aorund like sissies and pussies like the rangers. And Above all the don't suck"

That game made me a Devil's fan but my schedule didn't allow tog o to the Arena nor watch the games, I only could fixed the schedule this year. And I could finally go to the Arena.

Luckily for me the Rangers Sucked enough even I forcing myself to rot for them could not buy to root for them.

I know it's kind I silly but that the way it happened

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I started watching sports with my dad, who was never a hockey fan. He rooted for Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers, but since he never watched hockey, I never got into the Rangers. I started watching a little bit in 93-94, and immediately hated Rangers fans. This isn't fair to real Rangers fans, but most of the fans in 94 never watched hockey and just jumped on the bandwagon. There's something extremely annoying about listening to people who know nothing talk trash. Since I lived in New Jersey, and rooted against the Rangers, I became a Devils fan. That said, I was never a huge hockey fan, I'd watch a couple playoff games, but I was more into football/basketball/baseball. That changed when I started college. I joined the Oberlin College Plague, the only club hockey team whose mascot is a 6 foot paper mache pecker named Thor the Thundercock. While I mostly joined cause hockey looked fun, and we only practiced once a week, I became addicted fairly quickly. While I was playing hockey, I began to watch more frequently. After the lockout, I became obsessed. Even though I can't afford to go to that many games (goddamn student loans), I don't miss my boys on TV, and I'm trying to save up for playoff strips.

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as i said in my intro:

i followed the sharks around as they played the rags, isles, and devs last season, and though by some cruel twist of fate they lost to all of you puckers, my visit to the rock was the best. best arena, best fans, nicest people. you won me over.

Aw I love you too!

How's this for a weird twist of fate, my second fav. team are the Sharks because they'd always be on the ESPN broadcasts and I loved the style they played, the players, and the team colors. It's nice they are having a good run this year.

Of course, my second fav. team could never be in the same conference as the Devils.

I guess I should add my story:

I was into football as a real young kid. Stories told to me by my parents have me watching football games before I could talk, and really watching them. However, like a lot of people have pointed out, none of these teams were from Jersey.

Well I had a good friend (still have him, one of my best friends!) who was very into hockey, and he started me watching the Devils when I was very young, probably around '91 when I was a mere 7 years old. Yes, he's been my friend for that long (now I'm 24), but I was so young I didn't really know much about hockey, and I still liked football more....but the Devils were JERSEY'S team so I always followed their progress in the papers and on TV when I could, which wasn't that often.

I went to a game or two through the cub scouts but I was so young I barely remember it. I literally...my memory of my first-ever game is just a distorted image of all the players skating in circles around the edges of the rink, in a line. So it's not really a memory.

'94 is what really sealed the deal...I was 10 years old. ...the year we lost to the goddamn NYR. In 7, no less. It made me SO MAD. And it was so exciting! But I mean, we lost to the goddamn New York team. I didn't know the abysmal history of the Rangers then, all I knew is that I loved being from NJ (Born in D.C.), and I wanted so bad to have an outlet for my Jersey pride. Everyone sh!ts on this state, but the people who live here know why we love it.

I could not wait to get revenge on those goddamn Rangers, and so after the 1994 playoffs I started obsessing over them and following the team as much as I possibly could. Lucky for me I only had to wait a year for the team to win the cup and validate themselves! Of course...it wasn't a victory over the Rangers. And unfortunately we've had few of those. 2006 was wonderful for me even after years of the Devils owning the Rangers in the regular season...and then 2007 was one of the worst years I've ever followed the team!

Now I'm hopeless. I own a hat for every Stanley Cup, was at 2 games of the 2003 finals (including game 7!), a ton of Devils clothing and merchandise, go to every game I can afford, and some I can't....

I mean, if I can't see a game I'm a miserable wreck. I've ditched all sorts of major things to watch games. I remember I was dating a girl in high school and the Devils were playing Ottawa in the '03 playoffs. Anyway it was her junior prom, and she wanted me to go. And I did. But I spent the entire thing watching the game on one of Paramus High's televisions in the common room. I even picked up a few crave cases at White Castle to share with my two hockey-watching buddies. My girlfriend was FURIOUS. But it was one of the best games of the series. What a SERIES that was!

The obsession is probably a little unhealthy. A loss really affects my mood, so my current GF is smart enough to know the score before she calls me so she knows what kind of a mood I'm in. (She likes the games too, but she'll never be as into them as I am.) I have a hundred stories like that prom one there, probably more.

Last one...when I was around 7 or 8 and getting into them I took some of my first allowance money and spent it at one of those school toy/crap selling fairs on a poster of Martin Brodeur. I've had the same damn poster hanging on my wall for 17 years, and even though it's very, very cheap (I couldn't have spent more than 2 dollars on it, I'm sure) and fairly tacky looking, it was the first Devils thing I owned.

I love the Devils. Jersey's, and my own team, they basically grew up with me (I was born in 1984). Everything about the organization screams class, the management has been top-notch, the players that stick always have a good work ethic and have that hockey humility. It's wonderful that we've been rewarded with such a great team for so long, after the growing pains. Of course, we'll never see a team like 2000 again, I should think. I don't think I can fully express my love for the Devils in words.

HERE'S HOPING that when Lou dies off the team continues in its already rich tradition and winning ways!

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My story is probably the lamest story here, seeing as how I've only discovered the joy of hockey at the beginning of this season :evilcry: LIving in Utah, the only professional sport around is our Utah Jazz. Personally, I never cared for basketball because of how boring it gets after both teams have scored for the hundredth time. Where is the fun in that? Anyway, back to my story, my introduction to the world of hockey was very limited as a child.

I was never a very athletic kid, in fact I didnt have any interest in football until 6th grade. I followed football for about four games, but then I gave up. It didn't mean anything to me cuz I didn't have a favorite team and I was tired of riding on my dad's raider supporting coat tails. So I abandoned football, and the world of sports as well.

It wasn't until Sophmore year last year at high school that I got into sports once again. I wacthed our football team, but that was boring. Then I found Hockey. I knew of hockey, just nothing about it. So one day at my friends house we were just kickin around, bored out of our minds, when he suggested we play NHL 09 on his 360. From that day I was hooked.

My love for the Devils followed shortly after. The next time I went to his house it was straight to NHL 09. I choose the devils and won every game I played with them. Now I know what your thinking, "He's just a groupie" which is not the case. In fact, I did some research on the Devils the day after my ultimate domination :P and when I saw a pic of Marty, I was hooked. I had briefly met Marty at the SLC olympics before and thought he was the coolest guy around.

Since the day I learned marty was on the Devils I've been following them closely, and I even bought a Marty shirt. That's my story. :gd:

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I can thank my son for me being a Huge Devil's fan--When he was 6,he asked if I would take him to a hockey game to see the devil's play.So for his birthday we (MOM &Dad) bought a 6 game package,that was in 94,since then we have been Blessed to see our team win 3 Cup's,2 of them in person,so thank's Danny for letting me spend about 10,000 on Hockey since that first game,but worth every pennny.

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Hi All,

I'd followed Ice Hockey in an indirect way since being a kid, but with the complete lack of coverage (outside of the Winter Olympics) here in the UK I had never developed a love for a specific NHL team - mainly just playing on the Megadrive and N64 games! After a trip to Florida on a family holiday I started to follow the Rangers a little, simply as they were the only team I'd seen live (aside from the Bolts, but even I wasn't that naive!).

In July 1995 the Manchester Storm (information here) were created to play out of the brand new Nynex (now Manchester Evening News) Arena in the heart of the city and after much nagging my parents took me to my first game. That, as they say, is history and from then on I loved hockey. We had season tickets for all the following seasons (sadly Storm folded in 2002 for financial reasons) and then in 1997 Kurt Kleinendorst (interview with him here) took over as head coach and from humble beginnings Storm quickly became a respected force in the fledgling European Hockey League, despite playing teams with budgets triple (or more) theirs from respected hockey nations such as Sweden, Finland and Russia.


They remain the only British side currently represented with a Jersey in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

I then started to follow the Devs in 2001 when coach Kleinendorst left Manchester to become the Devils assistant coach. I fell in love with the honest and hardworking style of hockey played by the Devs that so many are quick to complain about. It seemed like they were an average joe's team with none of the flashy glam of some of the more high profile sides and so I've followed them ever since.

I've stuck it out trying to watch the Devs online via NHL.com and despite the games only starting at 12:30am here I've managed to catch two of the Canes series so far. I also managed to make it to the Rock in January for my first Devils game. After backbacking around the world for ten months I was just 10days from home when I made it to Jersey for the game... 10 months of waiting for this moment came and went in a splutter as the Thrashers shut us out 4-0. Devastated wouldn't begin to describe how I felt.

Well, that's my story anyway. I've still to see Marty play live, and that's something I intend to correct one day. If only I'd been quick enough to see Scott Stevens play I'd be a much happier man.



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Having lived on LI most of my life, you would think I would be an Islander or Rags fan - funny thing is that I didn't get into the hoopla of the Isles' Cup years because I really didn't care...hadn't been to a game & wasn't interested. To be honest, I saw being a Devils fan as something that could take root right along with the club landing in NJ, struggle through the growing pains, and truly have an appreciation for all those players who went before in making the team as great as it was when 1995 finally rolled around.

As far as the rags, I just don't respect them or their fans - never have, never will.

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my humble beginnings with the Devils goes back many years, back to 1991-92, where i was a mere 10-11 year old in the land Down Under, where i had never heard of ice hockey.

back then, my musical tastes were bryan adams and bon jovi - a sign of things to come, products from canada and new jersey? fate seemed to answer that one.

as it were, i went over to a friends place one day, where he had an amiga computer.

i didnt have a computer back then, so it was very exciting.

he showed me this game he had, that he thought would be good for playing together/against.

it happened to be NHL.

now due to being a fan of bon jovi, and knowing he was from jersey, i ran through all the teams available, and as soon as i saw New Jersey Devils, i was hooked.

i played against my friend, and even though i cant remember specifics, i know it planted the seed.

as i grew up, i never forgot about the Devils, however due to being in Australia, never could really follow them properly.

when i got an xbox, i made sure i got NHL to play though, mostly NHL 2k series.

eventually, in 2006, i finally had internet worth the time to see if i could follow the Devils more closely.

i managed to find games online to watch, and from that day on, my following of the Devils have strengthened even more.

the 08-09 season, being around friends into hockey after moving interstate, really has helped the passion inside of me for this team.

I havent missed a game, ive watched every one.

i am now amassing a nice collection of clothing and merchandise i wear proudly.

we also have regular groups of people, sometimes upwards of 30 - 40 at the pub we organise games to watch at every 3 weeks or so.

because i was friends with the guy running the hockey nights, and him being a Canucks supporter, we showed the Devils/Canucks game from January.

boy was it good being the only Devils supporter in a group of 40 people.

to have them leading 3-0 after the first period was just the best feeling.

i think i like the fact that we are a small but dedicated group, where everyone thinks we wont go far but keep showing them differently.

im a proud Devils supporter, and cant wait for the 09 draft and trading, and for october to come around and get back into the spirit!

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  • 3 months later...

Actually, the reason I became a devils fan is really LAME. When I was a kid, I had NHL 95 for my sega genesis. Because I live in Toronto, and my entire family ( with the exception of my dad being a blackhawks fan) were leafs fans. So I always played as the leafs in the season mode etc. So whenever it came time to play th devils, I would just get owned. So I started playing as the devils, and I tore my older brothers a new one every time we would play. So that pretty much it! Its actually really nice being in a household with fans of teams who have not won the cup since the 60's.

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A VHS video called NHL Ice Hot 96-97 where Marty made his first all star game and they mic'd him up for the whole experience, I was 7 and Marty was winking in the camera with that classic smile, he was singing "make a little love get down tonight" on the bench, then he was talking to Beezer saying how Hasek looked like OliveOil from Popeye it was hysterical, sexy, and cool all in one little VHS tape, bam Marty fan, couple days later Devils fan.


Thats the tape that started my spiritual endeavors and my religion.

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Actually, the reason I became a devils fan is really LAME. When I was a kid, I had NHL 95 for my sega genesis. Because I live in Toronto, and my entire family ( with the exception of my dad being a blackhawks fan) were leafs fans. So I always played as the leafs in the season mode etc. So whenever it came time to play th devils, I would just get owned. So I started playing as the devils, and I tore my older brothers a new one every time we would play. So that pretty much it! Its actually really nice being in a household with fans of teams who have not won the cup since the 60's.

Haha that's not lame! That's actually a pretty cool story. I love reading these, I wish I had a good one. I'm just from Jersey and my dad took me to a couple Devils games...so I'm a Devils fan.

It's funny, I used to organize my hockey cards in the order that I liked teams. With nobody to call me out on it, I had 1. Devils 2. Rangers 3. Red Wings (my dad was a fan) 4. Islanders. How silly I was back then...

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Hey all.

Just found this place, pretty hard to find Devils information and talk out here in Seattle, so, ill definitely be hanging out here a lot B )

My story starts way back when I was in 5th grade, and I was really sick, I had to stay home for about a month in April(93-94 season), and back then the NHL playoffs were on ESPN.

I was a casual sports fan at the time, I liked the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks, but was not a hardcore fan of either. I remember laying down on the blue couch my parents used to have, sick as a dog, flipping through the channels, stopping on something that looked like it would be on for a while and I could watch without paying too much attention.

I watched the game, and for whatever reason it captivated me, I could feel the intensity grow through the TV as the game went along, I didnt really know any better, but started to root for what I thought was the underdog team, the Devils.

The game went on and on and on, and the Devils didn't come out on top, but from that point on I was hooked. I cut out every little news article that I could find in the Seattle P.I. and Seattle times. Winning bets on the '95 finals when the Devils steamrolled the Wings.....requesting days off work/calling in sick when the Devils were on ESPN. The elation of the 2000 Arnott goal, the tears from 2001. Stevens railroading Kariya in 2003. The holes I put in the basement in my parents house over the years due to random Devils failures. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I AM a Devil to the core.

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