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new member, found the site while googling around waiting

for a staff meeting to end (thank heaven for wireless


by day: nerd, writer, photographer, manager of NJ Devils Youth

Hockey team (pee wee "B"). read my hockey blogs graciously hosted by my employer.

by night: writer, devils fan, ebay addict, ceo and emperor for life

of the aggressive snowman group.

claim to fame: scott gomez recognizes me in the parking lot

at south mountain arena. of course, if you were forced to endure

4 1/2 hours of playing golf with me (i am to golf what the ny rangers

are to teamwork and winning), you'd have bad dreams that made

you remember faces too. and i've run into patrik elias on the little

league field (watching a softball game).

fandom: elias. gomez. jamie langenbrunner, who is as nice

a guy as you'll ever meet. george parros, with the LA kings.

jeff halpern, washington capitols.

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