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Computer Shows in NJ??

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Well i got my tablet and while yes I am totally thrilled with my new super toy I want to max out the RAM on it and the cheap bastiches didn't give me a copy of MS One Note and I'd also like to get the real battery and docking bay for the thing and since I am annoyed at them at the moment I'd like to avoid getting them from Lenovc... anyone know any good shows coming to the area soon where I can get hooked up at ? thanks!

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Wow, do they still have computer shows? Haven't seen any since Ken Gordon stopped having them. Tri-State was the other organizer and I think they stopped too. Haven't even seen anything for TCF. I think computer shows have gone the way of the dodo because of the internet.

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yeah I've seen ads for them and stuff but didn't have much need for them

*sigh* doing this on line is gonna be a pain in the ass

I know Market Pro still has em but I don't wanna wait till Nov!

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Hadn't heard of Market Pro but I've been out of the loop for a while now. I just checked their website and they have a show at the Meadowlands Expo Center in a couple of weeks.

10/22/2005 - 10/23/2005

Meadowlands Expo Center

Too far for you? I think I've been to that place once to help setup an AT&T shareholders meeting.

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What's your specs, Crasher?

Heh... first time I've been asked THAT :lol: of these machines

1.5 GB Centrino Processor

30 GB HD (even though you can only order 40-60 GB based on the site :rolleyes: )

512 KB RAM (I want the 1.5 Max)



SD Card Slot

2.5 hour battery (I wanted the 6.5 hour one)

... and it's only 3.5 pounds.... oops... sorry not at work now :D

anything I missed you can see at:

http://www.thinkpad.com/tablet (mine is the X-41 in case the site redirects you)

and anyone who can get me a copy of MS One Note I'd be eternally grateful (the one thing I am mad about ... I win one for demonstrating this fragging thing, and the main feature with it is the handwriting recognition, and they can't give me the program that uses it best !!! :rant::rant: )

I'm still half torn if I wanna waste money on the dock or an external CD/DVD Drive I really don't need one right now.....

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