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Put yer money where your mouth is

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Then 162!!!! :D

Seriously, I'm going to be optimistic and say 105. Once Elias is back, we won't have to worry about shootouts, because he always seemed to come up with the OT game-winner. I seem to remember him having like 4 OT GWG's in the second half of the 2003-2004 season.

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Funny the way this season started out I would of never thought 100 points was possible. I am glad the Devils proved me wrong. Who would of thunk Kozlov was the sniper in the shoot out.

I was thinking the same thing about Koz..

Mid 90's what a wuss i was... took the easy predictions..

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i never made a prediction so im gonna go 101 haha...


but it be nice if all rpedictions could be made right at the end..

im so glad the devs came back and proved many wrong!!

Way to go team!

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No less than 88, no more than 92...I'll go with 90 on the nose.

For a while there I was starting to wonder if they'd even hit 90, let alone have a shot at 101!

Just a crazy, crazy season.

What other predictions did all of you make that did or didn't come to fruition?

Mine that did:

Malakhov and McGillis would be complete busts. (I didn't see Lou getting them off the team though...in an era where most GMs would say, "Well, we're paying 'em, so we gotta play 'em", Lou deserves a lot of credit for recognizing his mistakes and taking care of them quickly.

I had Parise putting up 10-12 goals and 30-35 points. Missed on the goal total, but the got the point total right.

Oliwa and Langdon would do pretty much nothing.

Some that didn't:

Mogilny would play in 60 or so games and score 20 or so goals. (I didn't mind this signing at the time)

I thought Gionta would fall off his torrid pace and wind up with 37 goals. Oops.

The Devils would get next to nothing from Elias.

The Sublime:

Gio scoring 46? Gomez with 33?! I might have given each a shot to net 25, tops!

Lou the GM has a rough year overall, but Lou the ?!COACH?! leads the Devils on their most improbable run since the '88 season?

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