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iPod help....


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I love it.

But if you don't, there are lots of shareware programs out there that work with the iPod. My brother uses gtkpod on linux to hook up to mine.

I'm thinking about giving him an iPod for Xmas just to see if he installs Linux on it. It has been done successfully.

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Apparently there's even a plugin for Winamp that interfaces with the iPod.

I've dabbled with getting one off eBay, but I'd feel guilty buying something like that for myself this close to Christmas. On the other hand, I always feel guilty asking for items that cost a lot of money for Christmas and my birthday, so I guess I lose no matter what.

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HAH! Usually people have the reverse problem! :) (have an empty iPod and want to recover the lost songs)

I assume you are using iTunes.

Pull up the iPod on iTunes and go to the iPod itself. Don't delete your library. Highlight the songs you want to remove from the iPod and hit delete. Update.

Or return it with the songs on there and when someone else buys that iPod, they have a nice start to their collection. :)


I've toyed with the idea of buying the video one and sending my old one to Rowdy (yeah right :)) , but decided against it. There just isn't enough good video content out there for it. I suppose I could put my MOV of Colin White's Stanley Cup parade on there.... but I can't think of what else I would want on the iPod. They say that "Lost" will be available for download via iTunes for a reasonable price, but I don't watch Lost and don't really care to watch it on a 2 inch screen anyhow.


And why do Canadians still use inches for monitors and TVs?

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I prolly won't use the video feature like I wasn't really going to use the photo one on the one I have. But I figure if it's smaller, has video, and is large and I don't have to pay for tax or shipping or handling then I'm actually saving money. :-D I don't know if Frys is going to take it back but my dad is going to try. Theres a 15 day return policy and it's the 16th day :-/ Thanks btw for the help!! I will try it in a few

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With the picture iPOD, how do you put pics into it?


If you are talking album cover art, its as easy as saving the picture from a good music website like amazon.com or off google images and dragging it or copy, cut and pasting it into the album cover art bottom left corner of Itunes. If you are talking just pictures in general, the Ipod shows up as if its a removable storage drive in Microsoft Windows so you can drag and copy pictures to its proper folder just like you would with a usb flash memory drive, floppy disk, cd-r, etc... Hope this helps.

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I don't care much for iTunes either.

But I got an iPod like a week after they hit the stores, and I still have the 1st Generation model :boogie:

I had to buy a program though from MediaFour called 'XPlay' to use it with Windows because when they first came out, they were only designed to work with Mac software. Sooo.. everytime I went to synchronize it I used XPlay which was a pretty killer program. Very simple interface and user friendly.

Anyone else still have a 1st-Gen model? I love mine :evil:

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