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Baseball team in northern NJ?

Super 17

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I honestly have never considered moving. In my mind that has not been one thing that's ever been a threat. But keep in mind that 10 years ago I was 11, so I can't say I know much about Nashville! :D

But if someone from East Rutherford contacted them about considering us, then all that measn is that someone somewhere is considering whether or not it is worth the investment. I'm sure somewhere someone thinks it is worth it.

How much "crazy money" are we talking about though?

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Based on what baseball had to give Angelos I would say hundreds of millions of dollars. The Yankees and Mets have a duopoly in the largest media market in the country getting into that won't be cheap.

The only way I could see it work is if Cablevision did it and was committed to spending the money. Even then I doubt that north Jersey is the optimum spot. I'd put a team on Long Island before the Meadowlands. There's also a real demand for a baseball team in Portland and Vegas that doesn't exist here.

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