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Lemieux is *done*.

He doesn't fit on this team anyway. He's not a scoreline player, and we have enough checking line players, Lemieux sucks on the off-wing.. oh and did I mention he's done?

This is his last shot at a Cup.. lucky him. Although with Turco in net, and Guerin as 1st line right wing, maybe Dallas won't end up where they think they will.

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The Stars needed a guy like Lemieux, and they got him.

He'll fit in nicely, he would've fit here too. Dallas remembers Claude with the Avs, and Claude in 2000 with the Devils. They know what a valuable asset he still is. No, he hasn't had a great season numbers wise, but he has been hurt.

I saw him in a game against the Isles before he hurt himself and he was the best player on the ice.

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Where on the Devils does he fit in? Clearly he's not a scoreline player, he hasn't scored more than 20 goals in 4 seasons. So would he have gone with Pandolfo and Madden, like in parts of 2000?

Claude is a luxury the Devils can't afford. Didn't make sense at all to get him. And I'm done..

He'll help the Stars out.

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All Nieuwendyk haters please look up the word "class" in the dictionary. In the usage guide, you might see something like this: 'When Joe Nieuwendyk, who has 499 goals in his career, was asked by the referee if Oleg Tverdovsky's deflected shot hit him before entering the net, Nieuwendyk pointed to an Islander defenseman.'

THANK YOU Blackjack!

I rest my case...The man has 499 goals AND class and that's 'nuff said.

Re: Stars' 3rd jersey..yup..red will be added..like the previous poster said about weirder and weirder...yup yup..but hey..until the SCF, can we still be friendly? :)

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