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Super 17

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I'm just not as out there as some Sammy. B )

Do you need a buffer?

Well, I can cook. But who are we kidding? We're all perverts!

Aww Derek.... :rolleyes:


I wasn't aware that we were required to stay on topic in ANY of these threads.... :lol:

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I'm too old for this... :saddevil:

but I will say I never considered myself a taco :unsure: ... when trying to charm it was a peach - when trying to revolt an oyster :P

the sausage fest line made me laugh sammy! :lol:

Oyster, clam, peach (fuzz?), taco, burger, etc., etc. It's all good! Us guys don't really give a damn what ya call it! :evil:

Oh and you're welcome!


Ahh my work here is done. B )

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I never knew bearded clams were real! I saw a special on them on PBS. Weirdness. Of cvourse we do have fish tacos now too - I always thought a tuna taco sounded tasty -_-

I have to finish cleaning out my attic! SO MANY TOYS! YEEESH!

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I had one a Baja Fresh ... blah... Baja Fresh kind of sucks in fact. It's HUGE portions and have you SEEN THE CALORIES???? I have their salads now but they aren't so great for what they are, you know? Gimmee taco bell any day...they're not acting like they're good for you and stuff.

Baby toys - stuffed animals and toddler musical instruments crappy crap toys I HATE - brand stuff - I hate that crap little people or whatever they are where you need little to no imagination... I'd just rather give Bec lincoln logs and let her invent stuff... she's just as happy and it's just less wasteful and crappy. I feel like junk toys junk up the mind... although she does have some playdough crap like the barber shop -- that's pretty funny. But feckin' singing cell ohones and crap OMG :argh:

OK.. but I wonder off topic... where were we fave foods... liiiiiiiiike... tube steak smothered in underwear!!

Super17 -- one of my friend would say Stevens looks like the chillin' cat. (ALWAYS calls him cross-eyed <_< )

The mad cat looks like Billy Idol!

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Moes is better :rolleyes:

No doubt. Why the rolling eyes?

Baja Fresh is a big boo and Moes is a big yay and if you owned stock in Chipotle during the IPO the other day that was a big yay.

Chipotle is good too. The Baja Fresh and Chipotle here are right behind each other.

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Anyone ever go to Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe? It's in Denville -- off rt. 53. Great Mexican food.

i wasnt a big fan.. used to drink there more than eat.. but then they had this buffalo chicken wrap that was sooo yummmy... i used to crave it.. and then after like 4 times of having it.. we went one day..and it tasted funny.. and i said something to my friend..and she said.. i thught so too i just thought it was me...so we gave it one more try in case it was a fluke day.. but next time we didnt enjoy it either..so they must have changed their chicken or sauce or something

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