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Bacon tacos? That has to be a bachelor-haven't-been-shopping-in-a-month special, right?

Haha. Yeah. I usually make chicken and beef ones but I was out of the stuff but had all the other stuff (chopped tomatoes, onions peppers, tacos).

And I happened to have some bacon left over. So, I figured what the heck. Let's just try this thinking it would probably suck. But after cooking the bacon to a nice crisp and adding it with the other ingredients to warmed up tacos, it actually was decent.

Sammy, the crawfish is good.

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that's because its faux Tex-Mex (I'll concede on the etouffe and the catfish..) but the rest is some corporate lie..

Langs I asked Santa for a "magic bullet" mixer so I can make individual margaritas cause Mrs Diablo wont drink them anymore..<_<

but I guess I must have sucked this year :evilcry:

ya the magic bullet always makes me think its some sort of sex toy.

anyhow.. my friend got it for that reason..and she used it once.

I hate that infomercial.. i liked it the first time i saw it.. but now i jsut get annoyed.

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I'm hoping she used it for food purposes and not the former!

ya that was not very clearly put...

she got it for the margaritas.

but who knows..a few margaritas and ya never know what purpose it gets used for next

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Umm we're already there! Says right at the top of the page "Welcome to Hell"!

Elaine's hallway. The door opens, Puddy steps out in his bathrobe. There's a

newspaper in front of the door across from Elaine's.

Puddy: Elaine, they forgot to deliver your paper today. Why don't you just

grab that one.

Elaine: 'Cause that belongs to Mr. Potato Guy, that's his.

Puddy: C'mon, get it.

Elaine: Well if you want it, you get it.

Puddy: Sorry, thou shalt not steal.

Elaine: Oh, but it's ok for me?

Puddy: What do you care, you know where you're going.

Elaine: Alright, that is it! I can't live like this.

Puddy: Nah.

Elaine: C'mon.

Puddy: Alright, what did I do?

Elaine: David, I'm going to hell! The worst place in the world! With devils

and those caves and the ragged clothing! And the heat! My god, the heat! I

mean, what do you think about all that?

Puddy: Gonna be rough.

Elaine: Uh, you should be trying to save me!

Puddy: Don't boss me! This is why you're going to hell.

Elaine: I am not going to hell and if you think I'm going to hell, you should

care that I'm going to hell even though I am not.

Puddy: You stole my Jesus fish, didn't you?

Elaine: Yeah, that's right!

Elaine places her hands beside her head, index fingers raised as 'horns' and she

emits a gutteral growling sound.

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Oh man.. el diablo -- you sound so much like a friend of mine from Mexico... in fact :unsure: thank the good lord Alex wasn't a hockey fan... But now I've totally put his cute kind of trippy personality on you and it works my friend! You could be ALEX!!!

Oh whew.. no you aren't .. Alex liked the Ice Princess type... you like porn stars... OK I feel better :evil:

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