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Out of town games tonight


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--2 HD games on DIRECTV tonight pens vs sens / blues vs hawks

--Isles are just brutal

--sid the kid out w/ flu tonight

--Interesting listening to bob mackenzie of TSN talk about the new streamlined uniforms the league is set to propose to the GMs.....sounds like the high pants and tucked in form fitting shirts are a bit of a horror show.They likened it to a sort of ED GRIMLEY look! :blink: they will be debuted in vegas next week

--flyers and sabres tied at 1 in the 2nd

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Funny I keep hearing the Isles have been playing better since the coaching change and every time I look up they're crapping out again :P Okay their record was 5-3-1 going into tonight but their last three wins came against a sucky and depleted (to say the least) Penguin team, a Boston team that was crappy for much of the year though is playing better now and a crappy Cap team without Ovechkin.

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the ice in buffalo is AMAZINGLY bad. zeus lost his edge, kap just turned it over for the ending goal, some buffalo player just randomly collapsed into the boards, and so on.

miller showed some martin brodeur skills...more like marc andre fleury :rofl:

the flyers have just been generally awful in this game, jeff carter deserves an award for how bad he's been.. the reffing has been rather shakey as well. However, miller has been OUTSTANDING.

the 3rd goal was hillarious, lost in the shuffle of the esche misplay was pitkanen's glorious turnover, of which he had very many in this game

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Isles are just a sad, sad team. How does Yashin sleep at night?

Huet vs Thomas- great battle (move by Bergeron was sick...and the Habs defense SUX).

Blues look like a playoff team without Weight and Sillinger.

Go Sabres!!!

Jason Pomeville an EN goal!!! 4-2 SABRES!!!!! :boogie::clap::clap:

Im so pumped right now for the Sabres....no Briere....no Connolly....and still the Sabres are finding ways to get the job done!!!

And besides beating toronto....nothing sweeter then beating the Cryers!!!

BRING ON THE SENS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Last time the Sens played the Sabres....Sens won 6-1....dropping the Sabres to a 8-9 record....now the next time they meet....the Sabres are now 33-15...Ive had this game circled on my calendar for QUITE some time...

Hasek...thanks for the memories in Buffalo...but $crew you now!!! :lol::lol:

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DiP is looking awful lately.

Wonder if getting run over a couple times affected him more than he's letting on?

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