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Selling Game Used Sticks/Blades

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So back in the day I used to skip school and head up to the Devils practice facility at South Mountain to watch the team and get some autographs. During the team's spring cleaning a couple times I aquired a bunch of great items from the team. (My crown jewels being Nieder's skates and Larry Robsinson's practice stick) :evil: . My collection is to the point where I need to clear out some stock, so I'm selling all my duplicates and some other assorted pieces. I'm going to list below and I'd be happy to provide pictures to anyone who requests them. If I have a COA I will say so, but most items were personally aquired. If theres no takers here I'm heading to ebay. PM me if interested.

Game Used Stick Blades:

(All are obviously stamped with the player's name and some have either jersey number or New Jersey stamped on them)

John Madden $23

Scott Stevens $30 (i have a few, 2 are from Meigray but they won't do COA's on them)

Ken Daneyko $23

Bruce Driver $23

Sergei Brylin $18

Colin White $18

Brian Rolston $18

Ken Sutton $10

Willie Mitchell $13

Reid Simpson $7

Shawn Chambers $7

Jeff Williams $8

Sascha Goc $8

MIKE JEFFERSON- (come on this is a priceless piece of hockey history)

Game Issued Stick Blades

Tommy Albelin (nice wood lefty blades if you play) they misspelled his naem and he refused to use them 5 for $20

Don't know who used Easton Graphite blades in 2001 season some lefty some righty (unlabelled) $15 they are fantastic blades to use yourself if you play in any case.

Game Used Sticks

Sascha Goc (with Meigray COA) $30

Valerie Kamensky (with Meigray COA) $40

Jan Hrdina used in 2000 season (cracked) $50

Jimmy McKenzie (with Meigray COA) $40

I'll also consider trades on the GU sticks


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When do they usually do their spring cleaning? I went to the big sale before the start of the season at the arena, but there was no way I could get anything good. All I was able to get was a bundle of Sergei Nemchinov issued sticks.

When do they usually have this sale?

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I might buy one or two things off of this list to use. Would you mind listing what brand and model everything is (if it's not too much of a hassle)?

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