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Any Plumbers?


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Well first off, it was WebTV like, not actually WebTV. That was mistake 1. Mistake 2 was buying WebTV after we returned it.

Keep in mind, this was 1997. I was 13 and didn't have much say in the matter. My parents knew I wanted a computer to go on the internet, and they thought this was perfect because it was the internet without an expensive computer!

We had it for maybe a year and a half before we got an actual computer - which ran slower than WebTV I think... :evil:

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You had WebTV? Why? See, it was your mistake for having it in the first place! :P

my first internet connection was hopping on my uncles webtv ...i hated that thing.. i thought it was cool until i got a computer!

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I didnt do chat of any kind.. i was terrified of the internet haha.

I dont even remember what i did on there...

emailed my uncle and brother..and ebay stuff..thats all i remember

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webtv was the slowest connection ever.. it was like slower then dialup on a computer..and it was the annoying highway with the city in the back.. i guess "information highway" but you knew you were getting close when the highway started to freeze instead of move..sometimes i just fooled ya though..and froze and then never connected you...


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I don't think I ever had the highway freeze, but there were certainly times when that music would get a minute or two in and you knew connecting was going to be impossible today! :evil:


And don't forget the catchy music: :boogie:

WebTV Connecting

EDIT: Fixed the link

Good ol' MIDI goodness!


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ya that music was so awful...

and when it started getting to a certain tune ya knew you had to power off!!

ya the highway would stop momentarily right as it was connecting.

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Sweet... glad it worked out since originally you said that it would be your fault or something not theirs... so its good that gotten taken care of!

Do they have to do massive ground breaking to fix it.. or just small stuff had to be done?

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Oh, I thought I reported the repair...They had to dig on each side of the sidewalk to find the leak. Turns out it was right smack in the middle of the sidewalk. So they cut the line on each side and replaced it w/o having to break the sidewalk. The repair cost was actually a reasonable for what they did. The leak was at a coupling from PVC to copper and it seems to have been there forever but was just a trickle. Over time it had 'burrowed' through the pipe and then my troubles started.

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ya now that you say it.. im pretty sure ive heard it before... :)


sorry ya had to retype it.

I think, that I thought that was just them finding out what happened.. I didnt realize it actually got fixed there...

I so totally get it now -- jk

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OOPS! Thought I read the last post, but obviously not..... Oh well, i'll erase my ideas and post something as an apology to the thread. :uni:

tattoos <--- three of my favorites. :evil:

Rowdy, that's why I edited.

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... Meter slowed down and everything.


i erased my comments because the problem was solved, yeah? I was just offering ideas for pinpointing the problem, ie listen to the storm drain, look at your meter, fill a sink & check meter again.

So, it weren't needed no more. :evil:

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