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Devils 2nd line


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I'm telling ya the only thing to do is implant Mogilny's brain into Kozlov's body.


It's mogilny in a good body


What to do with Kozlov's brain? I don't think it's fair to put him in Mogilny's body

Might take awhile to get a feel for the new body.

cap space?

If When Kozlov walks does mogilny's brain go with him?

You ever see young Frankenstein?


Abbey Normal!

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Lets just face it guys: the whole team is simply inconsistent. You can't point fingers at a line or two and suggest swapping players when none of them can get their acts together. It worked in January, now its not.

This is the plague of mediocrity, and we've caught it bad this season.

Right now the EGG line is the only hope we have of making it in to the playoffs, and one line does not a team make.

What we need to do is simply press the little reset button on the front of the Nintendo and start this whole season over. And for cryin' out loud Lou stop drinking the Kool-Aid while coaching!

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