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My tribute to the old Winnipeg Arena


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Ok i went down to the old arena today and i thought that it would be cool to get a few pics before it's gone. Not that i miss the Jets because i ALWAYS hated them but i went to my first NHL game there when i was 5 against Detroit and had my birthday party there when i was 13. My parents compnay had season tickets for years and there was alot of booing the Jets that went on in my life there. Also i have been inccredibly wasted there at TONS of concerts.. Anyhow..thanks for bearing with me.




The old upcoming events sign, i wish i had my picture that said Stanley Cup PLayoffs...winnipeg Jets vs Detroit REd Wings...TONIGHT 7:30!!


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They already built they new arena downtown. I think the shopping mall right beside the old arena bought the land and is going to expand. I have lots more pics but i figured i would spare you guys the time..lmao. Anyhow i didn't think i'd be as sad to see it like this but i was. Lmao..you can just see the good old red and yellow insides of that building when you're standing there..ahh memories...

Axctually, don't they already have a new arena? Or did I just see the plans for it?

the MTS Center is awesome..small but soo nice..And it has what the old one didn't have..a bar inside of it..woooo cheap drinks are only a quick rum down the concourse instead off paying 5.50 for beer 3.75 at MOxies!!!

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Well the CAA will (maybe) be torn down for a mall. Maybe there is a building I don't mind being torn down!

Anna, post all the pics you got, afterall this thread is a tribute to the arena and if people don't wanna see it they can go to...another thread! :evil:

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Another soon to be demolished building..the bombers stadium...home of the 06 Grey Cup....


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Nice pics annab. It's always sad when a building like that gets torn down. But I guess it's better than the old Maple Leaf Gardens get turned into a grocery store.

I guess you have great appreciation for the colliseum...in Rome. :evil:


When I first saw coliseum, I thought you meant Nassau Coliseum. :evil:

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the new Arena...booooo :ph34r:



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Looks like it was a good place to see a game. I think ending up a shopping mall is atleast better then being utterly destroyed.

For some reason I like the days of the old NHL better. Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec... those teams should never have moved away.

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It was a scary place to see a game...the second tier of seats haung way over the first tier and during games or concertd you could feel the entire structure shaking and hear it creaking..very scary..lmao!! The guys washroom had the famous "trough" to do your business in. Not very sanitary but cool in a way i guess...

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we went to see the rest of the arena be imploded today. 7am....it took 20 minutes to drive there and about 30 seconds for it to be gone... :boogie: There were actually people there crying in Selanne and Hull jets jerseys.... :doh1: Jet's fans are morons.

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